Is CoolSculpting Safe?

CoolSculpting freezes fat

A 3-hour workout followed by death by chocolate? Not cool!  Are you someone who works out for hours on end to burn a few hundred calories and that night you eat the calories back in a Hershey bar? Then feel like your love handles just got 3x

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Get Vibrant Skin with the DermaSweep

Have you been looking for the right kind of treatment to rejuvenate your skin? Dermasweep is often used for improving a number of skin issues and is especially great because it is less painful and works faster than traditional microdermabrasion. Dermasweep is viewed as a kind of

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Do You Need BIHRT?

Many people don’t realize what a large role hormones play in your well-being. There are many different types of hormones and each one controls a different function in your body. Some affect your mood, how hungry you are, body temperature, or when you feel sleepy. Testosterone is

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Get the lips you’ll love!

Your lips are one of the thinnest areas of skin on your body. The visible blood vessels, through the thin layer of skin, are what gives them their pink or reddish tint. Lips also lack oil glands, so it is especially important to keep them supple and

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Not all CoolSculpting Clinics are Equal

You’ve heard about it on the radio, seen the commercials and probably even know a person or two who has had it done. Coolsculpting is a trending, non-surgical way to reduce body fat and is taking the place of Liposuction and other surgical procedures. To learn what

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