What Fat Reduction Procedure Should I Get?

Do you find yourself constantly looking in the mirror at those stubborn fatty areas? During this time of year, everyone becomes self-conscious of their fat so you’re not alone. If you’re looking for a solution for that stubborn fat, there are many fat reduction procedures on the

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5 Ways to Improve the Look of Your Sun-Kissed Skin

Summer is an amazing time. Everyone gets their car packed up and heads to the beach, the park, or other outdoor destinations. During these outdoor activities, people are sure to get some sun. While a tan can make you look more beautiful with glowing skin, it can

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In Honor of National Girlfriends Day

Hey, girlfriend, isn’t it time you did a little something nice for yourself?  Considering it’s National Girlfriends Day, we thought we would look at amazing skincare treatments that put you at the head of the class. You don’t have to be a glamorous celebrity to afford these

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Using Botox™ as a Preventative Measure

Ever wonder how your girlfriends don’t have those 2 lines between their eyes when they squint or the wrinkles in their forehead when they raise their eyebrows? Chances are they’ve had a few Botox™ treatments. Botox™ is one of the safest and most commonly used injectables for

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Spring Skin Care at Alazzo Med Spa

spring skin care

Spring is the perfect time for renewal – flowers are blooming, the birds are chirping and your skin is coming out of its cocoon created by thick lip balms and moisturizers. With all that back and forth between the brutal cold air outside and the dry indoor

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