Professional Facials in Frederick

Introduction to Professional Facials: The HydraFacial

A patient receives a hydrafacial, one of our Professional Facials in Frederick

We have many options for professional facials in Frederick, but at Alazzo Med Spa, one of our favorites is the HydraFacial. No matter what time of year it is, we can always benefit from some extra hydration! Learn about our HydraFacial below.

A Walk Through the Process

First and Foremost

First, you will need to come into a consultation with our experts. No matter the reason for your visit to Alazzo Med Spa, a thorough consultation will kick-start your appointment. Our process involves discussing your medical history and goals, followed by an evaluation of your skin. This enables us to locate damage and create a tailor-made treatment plan to fulfill your goals.

Next in Your Journey

Second, all you have to do is lay back and relax while your HydraFacial expert performs your treatment. Combining multiple steps into one comprehensive treatment, HydraFacial is a medical-grade procedure renowned for its ability to effectively resurface the skin, provide optimal hydration, and gently eliminate impurities from the pores. 

While we focus on clearing away dead skin and impurities, we simultaneously provide your skin with essential nutrients such as antioxidants, peptides, and hyaluronic acid, all of which contribute to achieving superior results. Plus, your session should only last about 30 minutes, which is why we like to call it the “lunchtime facial”!

And Last But Not Least

Next, and lastly, you get to see your results and set up your next appointment to keep those results coming! This is the easy part because, with HydraFacials, there is no recovery time. This means you will see results right away.

Part of our Professional Facials in Frederick

It is pretty common for our clients to come back for more. Once you see how amazing the HydraFacial is on your skin and what a difference it makes, it’s only natural to want those results to continue. Plus, setting up appointments with us is super easy. So come in, try it, and we hope we’ll see you again afterward!

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