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Let Freedom Ring: 3 Reasons To Embrace Med Spa Services

When you think of someone who has had laser hair removal, Botox, or lip injections, you likely call to mind a celebrity and can recall someone having something negative to say about it. But, you’d be surprised how many people just like you take advantage of those services! It’s time

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Quite a Difference – Med Spa vs Day Spa

There are significant differences between a medical spa (med spa) and day spa. These differences can really affect the type of treatment and outcome you will receive. Therefore, it’s important for you to understand how they’re different and which one is best for your needs. Before we get into the

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Wine Treatment with a Beer Budget

Are you looking to get laser hair removal in Maryland but are pushing it off because the holiday season has you on a budget? It doesn’t have to be that way! Here at Alazzo Med Spa, we give you wine treatment with a beer budget. As co-founder of Alazzo Med

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What Our Clients Have Been Most Thankful For

At Alazzo Med Spa we’re always “keeping up with the ever changing you” by providing our clients with treatment programs specifically designed to meet their individual needs and desired outcomes. As stated in We Can’t Thank You Enough, our staff is passionate about providing these services and can’t begin to

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