treatments for acne

What Are the Best Treatments for Acne?

Persistent acne can really kill one’s confidence. It’s something nobody wants, but that most people will deal with at some point. You may have assumed that when you hit your twenties or even thirties, your acne would magically disappear, but nope– it’s still there, staring back at you in the

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chemical peels

Chemical Peels vs. Facials

Tired, dull, flakey skin with poor elasticity and an uneven skin tone. These are all signs of dry skin, an issue that plagues many of us, especially as we get older. If you have fallen prey to buying gimmicky products that promise miraculous results that either do nothing or make

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Be Thankful for Your Body’s Natural Healing Abilities

Since November is a month dedicated to gratitude, one of the things we should be thankful for is our body and its amazing ability to heal itself!  There are many examples of how the body repairs itself; the liver regenerates; intestines regenerate their lining; bones grow back; lungs repair after

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5 Fall Skincare Ideas That Will Make You Glow

As Autumn gets closer to Winter, the air starts getting cooler and crisper, and there is often a significant drop in humidity. Even though there isn’t as much sun to worry about, cold nippy air can wreak havoc on your skin as well. Dryness is one of the major skin

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How Diabetes Affects Your Skin

Do you or someone you know have diabetes? Unfortunately, you probably do, considering the number of people that have diabetes – 415 million to be exact! Did you know that November is Diabetes Awareness Month and World Diabetes Day (WDD) is observed globally on November 14 to raise awareness about

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