Medical Facial in Frederick

Get a Medical Facial This Summer

A woman smiles after a medical facial in Frederick

“How can I get rid of my dry skin?!”

“What can I do about all my wrinkles, before I resort to injectables?”

The only right answer when it comes to questions like these comes in the form of one word, and it rhymes with Palazzo… That’s right, for any of your facial needs, questions, and concerns, come to Alazzo! We have experts and trained staff ready to be a part of your rejuvenation journey. A medical facial in Frederick might be just the answer to concerns you are having this summer!

Medical Facials & Peels

If you are struggling with dry skin, blotchy patches, or acne scars, then a medical facial may be able to help. We have several options to choose from, and you can learn about all of them when you come into our office for a consultation!

About Us at Alazzo

When considering an aesthetic center in Frederick, experience matters! The goal of providing our patients with the very best services has driven our practice from the beginning. Alazzo Med Spa is a family-owned business with an established reputation as the best med spa in Frederick.

A patient meets for a medical facial in Frederick

Our Alazzo Med Spa team has been providing Frederick with top-notch laser hair removal for almost two decades. The providers witnessed how addressing insecurity positively impacted patients’ confidence and quality of life. Today, we provide a full line of services to keep up with the ever-changing you, including , excellent laser treatments, and so much more.

We hope to see you soon for a medical facial in Frederick!

Schedule an appointment today, or use our virtual consultation tool to show us what we can help you with when you come into Alazzo Med Spa. 

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