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Alazzo–A Body Sculpting Clinic in Frederick

Body sculpting clinics are starting to pop up more frequently now and are gaining popularity. But a decade ago, at least in Frederick, they were nearly unheard of; that’s where we come into play.

Close to 11 years ago now, our founders opened up Alazzo Med Spa as a place that provided aesthetic care and beauty services that could help at more than just skin-level. Once it all began, the providers saw the positive impact the services had on clients. They saw confidence being boosted and insecurities being quieted thanks to the expert help. Today, Alazzo now provides a full line of services, from body sculpting to laser hair removal!

Ever Learning, Always Growing

Our providers are always learning and striving to understand the fine art of which technologies and procedures can achieve your goals. Over the years, our expertise has grown to allow us to safely treat all skin types and tones, which expands our potential even further. Whatever your aesthetic needs may be, we’re here to help as one of the most renowned body sculpting clinics in Frederick.

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You deserve nothing but the best when it comes to body contouring in Frederick. Our qualified providers offer the most sought-after body sculpting treatments available, including EmFace, EmTone, EmSculpt NEO, and other services.

You’re more than welcome to keep reading about our practice and professional treatments. But when you’re ready to take your body and beauty to the next level, we’re here to talk. Build your plan for total health and beauty by booking your consultation, or by using our virtual consultation tool.

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