Microneedling at Alazzo

The PIN Is IN With Microneedling Near You

One of the world’s most popular skin rejuvenation techniques is at Alazzo Med Spa! Using PIN (Percutaneous Induction Needling), we naturally improve your beauty by kickstarting collagen production. Your beauty deserves the best, and our specialists are happy to deliver. Here’s how to enjoy the skin you’re in with microneedling near you!

Keep Up With the Ever-Changing You

First things first, we feel it’s important to clarify who can benefit from this tried-and-true treatment. Both men and women in their mid-20s and up can benefit from this treatment. Over time, your body produces less collagen, which is why this preventative procedure is important for people of all ages and skin conditions.

Collagen is crucial to maintaining a youthful appearance. The natural production process slows down as you age due to a few key factors. Sun exposure, smoking, diet, and stress are some of the most common causes of a decrease in collagen. That’s why Alazzo works with our patients to understand which of these may be causing their conditions. 

In your consultation, we’ll identify your unique skin conditions. Common concerns we treat with microneedling are scars, enlarged pores, poor texture, and stretch marks. Throughout your thorough examination, we’ll share ways to improve your skin in our office and at home. 

At home, we recommend you quit smoking, build a balanced diet, and find ways to manage your stress. Along with better overall well-being, these recommendations help pave the way for truly effective microneedling near you.

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Micro Needles for Big Results

This minimally invasive procedure involves superficial, controlled puncturing of the skin. Thousands of fine needles rapidly create micro-wounds in the skin at a set depth. The driving force behind microneedling is the strategic disruption of cells. By fine-tuning the depth of puncture, we can treat a variety of different concerns.

While thousands of needlings in rapid succession may sound painful, our patients don’t feel a thing! To ensure maximum comfort throughout your treatment, we apply a topical anesthetic before we begin. Pain-free treatments are just one of the many benefits of trusting a specialist for microneedling near you!

Clinical vs DIY

If you have an at-home roller, it’s time to stop hurting yourself! At home, microneedling devices may seem convenient and easy to use. However, these devices often do more harm than good. Nothing compares to the quality of a truly professional microneedling near you. Here are the top reasons to trust your beauty to our specialists:

Digging Deeper

A professional microneedling device can be adjusted according to the treatment area and desired results. At Alazzo Med Spa, our device can penetrate deep into the dermis, around 2mm to 3mm. Meanwhile, most at-home rollers can’t penetrate past the epidermis (less than 0.25mm).

This deeper penetration allows each needle to create the optimal micro-wounds for collagen regeneration. No at-home roller can penetrate as deep as a professional microneedling near you. So why waste your time and money on a subpar treatment?

Professional Precision

One of the most damaging effects of at-home microneedling is irregular pressure that causes uneven results—or worse! Prolonged damage due to regular use of an at-home derma roller can spread your concerns instead of solving them. Severe acne, irregular pores, and scarring are all too common amongst DIY derma rollers.

Our professional microneedling near you solves this with precise electric-powered devices. The collagen PIN device takes the guesswork out of every procedure with programmable settings. 

Your specialist at Alazzo Med Spa will adjust your microneedling to meet your concerns and ensure maximum comfort. With our experience and the most advanced technology on the market, our patients get results that are impossible to achieve with at-home techniques!

Invest in Your Skin

There are no shortcuts when it comes to true beauty. Instead of trusting the latest trends or fads with your look, Alazzo only recommends the best ways to invest in the future of your beauty. With our professional microneedling, results compound with every treatment. With at-home rollers, results are limited and often hard to anticipate. 

Just like many things in life, you get what you pay for. Rollers may be less expensive up front than microneedling, but the real cost comes from damage to your skin over time. If you’re ready to invest in your natural beauty, we’re ready to provide the best microneedling near you!

The Alazzo Experience

When you trust Alazzo Med Spa with your beauty, you get everyone on our team to build your comprehensive plan. With every check-in, our patients enjoy the complete Alazzo experience. Here’s how you can experience a truly transformative microneedling treatment:


Every ideal treatment involving microneedling near you should include a conversation with a professional provider. At Alazzo, you’re free to open up to one of our experienced staff. From outer looks to inner feelings, we get to know every angle of our patients. Every consultation is dedicated to analysis and education. 


We’ll ensure every question is asked and answered, and we’ll explain the details behind your ideal treatments. As we build your plan, microneedling is a common addition to improve skin quality and solve common concerns.

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With the right preparation, we have the potential to exceed our patients’ expectations. Following your consultation, we’ll schedule your first treatment and give some recommendations for your prep. Common recommendations for microneedling near you may include abstaining from smoking, avoiding sun exposure, and avoiding exfoliating products such as retinol and glycolics. 

On the night before your microneedling, we recommend avoiding medications such as Mortin or Advil. This will ensure your skin is the perfect canvas for a collagen boost.


On the day of your microneedling at Alazzo Med Spa, one of our patient care specialists will check you in and escort you to a treatment room. There, a registered nurse will apply your topical anesthetic and prepare the microneedling device. 

After we ensure you’re completely numb, we begin your microneedling session. Throughout your session, you may feel some vibration in the treatment area. You may also feel a warming sensation as we near the end of this 30-minute treatment. Immediately following your session, we’ll apply medical-grade boosters and go over recommended aftercare.


Before you leave, check out our recommended wellness additions. To empower your collagen production jumpstarted by microneedling, we recommend collagen supplements and drinks. This promotes maximum collagen health and true, lasting results.

When you check out, we’ll schedule your next microneedling treatment. With every visit, you’ll compound your results throughout our entire array of expertly curated treatments. To correct your complexion, we typically recommend 3-4 treatments. After that, 1-2 preventative treatments a year will help maintain your results.

Follow Up

To plan your next treatment, feel free to reach out with any ideas as we tailor your plan. Nothing’s written in stone here. So before your next follow-up, feel free to read up on our latest treatment options!

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Alternatives and Pairings

At Alazzo Med Spa, we work as a team. With over 20 years of experience under one roof, we expertly curate every plan for our patients. For any microneedling near you, the perfect pairings are crucial to your complete beauty. These are our most common recommendations to empower your results:


For a completely non-invasive alternative to microneedling, we recommend Fraxel laser skin rejuvenation. Fraxel uses high-powered laser light to penetrate deep into your skin. These powerful lasers kickstart collagen production with intense heat energy. The entire treatment lasts an hour and a half, and requires no downtime.

The only drawback of this treatment compared to microneedling near you is that it turns up the heat! That’s why we provide topical anesthetics prior to your treatment. At Alazzo, many of our patients blend the best of both Fraxel and microneedling to exceed their beauty goals.


One of the most groundbreaking treatments in our array of options is Emface. Using the same body contouring technology as EmSculpt NEO, Emface is specifically designed for your face. Emface combines synchronized radiofrequencies and HIFES facial muscle stimulation to improve facial contouring naturally. 

This is an excellent addition to any microneedling near you because new collagen needs structure to complete your youthful look. While microneedling addresses the texture and quality of your skin, Emface goes above and beyond by improving the structure under the skin. This non-invasive treatment is great for exceptional facial skin quality, but our final recommendation truly empowers beauty from the inside out.


During every visit, our specialists at Alazzo ask, “How are you feeling today?”. This isn’t just to be polite! We really want to know, because how you feel is directly related to how you look. If you’ve been feeling foggy, drained, or moody, it may not just be a case of the Mondays. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy may be just what you need to get back on track.

BHRT works by addressing hormone imbalances that can naturally occur over time. Testosterone, estrogen, and thyroid hormones all play a role in your overall health and beauty. To optimize hormone levels, we use specially designed pellets that are inserted by a specialist and absorbed into the body over time. 

With optimized hormone levels, microneedling and many other treatments can produce amazing results! Use our virtual tool to discover the best treatments for your unique beauty.

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Put a PIN in Aging Skin!

To bring back your youthful, glowing skin, our experts at Alazzo Med Spa trust the collagen PIN. This method of microneedling is more advanced, reliable, and effective than any at-home treatment. So ditch that derma roller and schedule your consultation today!

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