Body Contouring in Frederick

Contouring Your Face From a Med Spa

Now, when we say contour, we aren’t talking about that awesome stuff you can get from a makeup store to define your jaw, cheekbone, or nose. No, we are referring to a med spa treatment that semi-permanently solves your excess and unwanted fat. This amazing and revolutionary body contouring treatment in Frederick will tightening those annoying fat cells. 

EmFace Facial Contouring

EmFace works by simultaneously emitting synchronized energies. The parallel radiofrequency energies heat the collagen and elastin fibers, while our tool stimulates the release of thousands of pulses to contract delicate facial muscles. It is recommended for EmFace therapy to consist of four to six 20-minute sessions, with each session being about a week apart from each other.

With such short and easy sessions, it’s easy to fit your appointments into a busy schedule. True results will be visible within the following 3 months once you have had your final treatment, though you will be able to see some results after just one session. Results will also vary from client to client, and touch-ups may be necessary as your face continues to naturally age. 

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You deserve nothing but the best when it comes to body contouring in Frederick. Our qualified providers offer the most revolutionary body sculpting treatments around, including EmFace, EmTone, EmSculpt NEO, and other services.

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