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Are you running out of options to try and get rid of different issues you face with your face? Facials are just one way we can keep our skin in check, but they can be very effective! Whether you are struggling with fine lines, wrinkles, dryness, or just impurities stuck in your skin, Alazzo Med Spa has the answer. It’s time to face our HydraFacial in Frederick.

Just a Face Mask? 

Now, when you hear the word “facial,” you may think of slumber parties back when you were young—doing face masks and rubbing on moisturizer. Or maybe you think of a massage and a calming experience where you lie on a table and relax in a day spa. This is getting a little closer to the experience here at Alazzo Med Spa.

While a med spa is not a day spa, we do try everything we can to make your experience here calming and relaxing. We think through everything, from the environment to the actual application of a treatment. So, here is what getting a HydraFacial will look like when you choose us for your rejuvenating and hydrating facial in Frederick:

Our Process

If during your consultation we determine a HydraFacial could help you achieve your skin care goals, you can lay back and relax while your HydraFacial expert performs your treatment. 


HydraFacial is a medical-grade resurfacing treatment that hydrates the skin and exfoliates your pores. While your dead skin and impurities are cleared away, we replenish important nutrients like antioxidants, peptides, and hyaluronic acid to boost your results. Sessions usually last about 30 minutes, so you can come see us over your lunch break and return to work with glowing skin! 

To maintain and enhance your results, your facial expert will recommend follow-up treatments every 4 to 6 weeks. Of course, these are not required, but they’re simply a recommendation if you want to achieve the best results. 

Alternatively, you can explore some of our options for laser skin treatments in Frederick to learn more about the results you can see from our other treatments and see the results that come with pairing lasers with other advanced skincare!

The Science of the Facial

The peels used for our HydraFacial in Frederick contain ingredients such as lactic acid, salicylic acid, or citric acid. These acids work by dissolving the bonds that hold dead skin cells together. This allows new skin cells to be generated and for the skin to appear brighter and more radiant.


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