Nonsurgical facelifts in Frederick

Stress-Free Nonsurgical Facelifts in Frederick

Life is stressful enough. But when you’re considering surgical procedures, you’re subject to unnecessary stresses that come with routine surgery. At Alazzo Med Spa, we’re taking the stress out of your aesthetics by providing the most advanced nonsurgical facelifts in Frederick. Find out how our patients get the peace of mind and the flawless faces they deserve. 

Stress 1: Long Downtime

One of the most common stresses of surgical procedures is how long it takes to recover after even a minor treatment. To prepare for a surgical treatment, you’ll have to schedule someone to pick you up and take care of you for a few days after your treatment. If that isn’t stressful enough, taking time off only creates more work, which can lead to more worry lines! To skip the prep and streamline your life after your lift, Alazzo is embracing one of the most advanced nonsurgical facelifts in Frederick.

Embrace Emface


This treatment uses your own body to forgo any frightful surgery. This revolutionary treatment combines the power of HIFES and RF technology to stimulate collagen and elastin production while significantly improving your facial muscle structure. Emface goes even deeper than any surgery can, with absolutely no downtime or intense prep required. Sessions typically take less than an hour, and you can get right back to work after scheduling your follow-up.

Stress 2: Scary Scalpels

There’s a reason many patients require anesthesia before conducting their facelift surgery. Being in a dark room with intense lights and a strange person slicing into your face is the stuff of nightmares for some. That’s why Alazzo is lightening the mood with highly advanced techniques to improve the look and contour of your skin!

Lights You’ll Love


With intense pulse light therapy and Fraxel laser rejuvenation, our specialists improve the contour of faces without ever physically touching them! IPL works by utilizing intensely pulsed light to penetrate with heat energy to your lower level of skin (dermis) without damaging the top layer (epidermis). The Fraxel system utilizes non-ablative lasers to deliver powerful wavelengths of light to empower your collagen production.

Both of these systems use the power of light energy to address issues in the structure of your skin to improve the health and overall quality of your face. Our nonsurgical facelifts in Frederick focus on restoring your natural beauty rather than repositioning your skin. 

Stress 3: Faces That Cost an Arm and a Leg

This stress is simple: No one should have to pay an arm and a leg to feel great about their face. That’s exactly why Alazzo Med Spa offers options for nonsurgical facelifts in Frederick that fit almost any budget! These are the options we trust to give our patients peace of mind for their beauty plan and their pocketbook.

Fiscally Responsible Fillers and Botox


Sometimes all you need is a shot of beauty to lift your look and your spirits! At Alazzo Med Spa, we offer Botox and dermal fillers to provide a temporary, customizable lift. Botox injections are used to relax your facial muscles and provide a smoother, line-free look! Dermal fillers are used to replace the volume that your face naturally loses over time by creating a scaffolding to stimulate natural collagen production. 

To maintain your elevated beauty, we recommend follow-up injections every 2–3 months after your initial injections. While units of these injections still come with a cost, you’re still not spending the tens of thousands of dollars you would with a typical surgery!

Skip the Stress

Why stress about your beauty when you don’t have to? Get to know the right nonsurgical facelift in Frederick for you with an in-person consultation. Or browse all of your options for optimal beauty with our virtual consultation tool. The specialists at Alazzo Med Spa are excited to show you the stress free treatment you deserve!