New Year, New You!

It’s 2016! Start the year off right with small, manageable changes to help you boost your confidence. Whether you want to lose weight, tone, have better looking skin or look younger, now is the best time to make a commitment to you! You deserve to take good care of yourself and feel confident so we’re sharing some tips to help you create goals for the new year that will help you achieve a new you.

  1. Put the changes you want on paper.

If you want to lose 10 pounds, get rid of wrinkles, tone your entire body or rid the acne scars you have, write it down! When you physically write something down, you are embedding the thought into your brain and letting your subconscious know that you mean it. If you want a more visual way to see the changes you’re striving for and to remind yourself of them, create a vision board and put it in a place you look at every day like your refrigerator or mirror. Also, if you write your desired changes down, you can break them down even further into sub-goals. An example would be “I want to lose 10 pounds” and having a sub-goal of “I won’t drink soda today”.

  1. The type of goal matters.

If you focus on small changes (sub-goals) that lead to larger ones, you’ll be more likely to succeed in making a permanent change. Think of your sub-goals as a plan to make a big change. Taking smaller steps will make you feel less overwhelmed and at the end of the day you can tell yourself, “I succeeded”.

Also, talk to someone about the changes you want to make and let them help you break them down and identify the necessary steps in achieving them. For instance, if you want to lose 10 pounds and get rid of your love handles, you can talk to a staff member at Alazzo Med Spa and we can evaluate you to provide the best steps in achieving your goal. We have services such as body contouring and our weight loss program and can also determine which would be best for you based upon your struggles and desired results.

  1. Stay accountable and positive.

When you talk to someone about your goals, you can also use them to hold you accountable. It’s important to have someone that inspires you and that encourages you to stay motivated. When you’re searching for this person, positivity is key! A positive person can help you think more positively and feel more confident about yourself.

When you get services at Alazzo Med Spa, we provide a very personable experience and are always making sure we are supportive and uplifting during your treatments. We will also hold you accountable to stay on schedule for needed treatments so that you get the desired results in becoming a new you.

If you’re ready to make changes this new year to create a new you, check out our services to see how we can help and schedule a free consultation today!