2 Services for Better Skin in 2016

Is better skin one of your new year resolutions? If so, here are 2 services that we provide for better skin in 2016.

  1. Laser Hair Removal

When people hear the words “Laser Hair Removal” they typically think about getting rid of unwanted hair. While this is the goal for many, it’s not the goal for all. Some people elect to get laser hair removal because of constant irritation, razor burn and folliculitis. When getting laser hair removal, the color of the hair follicle absorbs the laser’s light or energy and pulls it down to the root of the hair follicle cutting off the blood supply that allows the hair to grow. By eliminating the hair at the root, the hair can no longer be trapped which prevents folliculitis and the need for shaving no longer exists. By eliminating folliculitis, razor burn and general irritation, your skin will look and feel much better.

  1. Intense Pulse Light (IPL) Therapy

If you’re trying to rid your uneven skin tone, sun damage, age spots, rosacea and/or hyperpigmentation, IPL Therapy would be a great choice for you. IPL Therapy uses a broad spectrum of light that selectively targets broken blood vessels and irregular pigmentation. The energy of the light is absorbed by the blood vessel, which is absorbed by the body once treated, and by the darkened pigmentation, which is brought to the surface of the skin and exfoliated. Before receiving treatment, we will evaluate your skin to be sure that the best skin care plan is formulated for you giving you optimal results.

At Alazzo Med Spa, you won’t just enjoy the benefits of these two services. Whenever we provide any services, especially those that improve skin, we are always helping you monitor your skin. As medical professionals, we may see something that is abnormal that you may not be aware of and as a result may recommend that you see your doctor. By having our skilled professionals monitoring your skin along your side, you’ll be sure to follow through on your best skin-tentions for 2016. To schedule a free consultation to see how we can help you get better skin, visit our website or give us a call at 301.810.5740.