When Did I Start Looking Like My Mother?

With it just being Mother’s Day, we couldn’t help but notice all the pictures of moms bombarding our social media timelines. It was great to see families celebrating together and carrying on yearly traditions like moms and muffins or brunch with three or even four generations. We also couldn’t help but notice how, in so many of those pictures, we all look so much like our mothers. Have you looked at any of your pictures and thought, “Is that my face I’m looking at?” when comparing you to your mom? Do you still feel youthful inside yet feel like you look like your mom more and more every day? If this sounds like you, don’t worry! We have plenty of services that can help you keep up with the ever-changing, aging you.


Injectables can help in so many ways! At Alazzo, we carry Botox™ and Xeomin™ which help to reduce the appearance of facial lines and wrinkles. As we age, we lose elasticity in our skin which at one point kept those repeated facial contractions from creating permanent lines. Botox™ and Xeomin™ are great for treating lines around the eyes and on the forehead.

Fillers are another type of injectable. As we age, our body slows down its production of collagen as well. Therefore, we use fillers like Radiesse which help the body produce its own collagen and Juvederm and Belotero which help pull the body’s natural fluid to help fill the lines. Areas around the mouth are commonly treated with fillers.


If you want to get rid of your fine lines and wrinkles but don’t want Botox™, you can opt for micro-needling. Micro-needling uses the body’s ability to regrow and repair the skin when responding to microdamage. Micro-needling uses tiny needles to puncture the skin which triggers the repair. The result is younger looking skin.

Intense Pulse Light (IPL) Therapy

If you have age spots, IPL therapy is the perfect treatment to make you feel like you have ageless skin. IPL therapy uses a broad spectrum of light to target irregular pigmentation of the skin. The light is absorbed by the darkened skin causing the damaged skin to flake off during the exfoliation process. This leaves your skin even-toned and youthful!


As stated earlier, as we age, our body slows down the production of collagen. It also slows down in creating new skin cells. Microresurfacing helps to exfoliate the dead skin cells which promotes new skin growth. This treatment leaves your skin smooth, even-toned and helps with fine lines and wrinkles.

Let us help you feel as youthful on the outside as you do on the inside. We have free consultations so that you can speak to us in confidence about your concerns and we’ll provide you with the best options to make your skin look more youthful! You can also follow us on our Facebook to get more tips on how to keep youthful skin!