What Our Clients Have Been Most Thankful For

At Alazzo Med Spa we’re always “keeping up with the ever changing you” by providing our clients with treatment programs specifically designed to meet their individual needs and desired outcomes. As stated in We Can’t Thank You Enough, our staff is passionate about providing these services and can’t begin to express our gratitude for how rewarding our clients make our professions.

On a daily basis we have clients thank us repetitively for the results they see from our many different services. We have found that several clients have been the most thankful for three things: laser hair removal, skin care treatments and our weight loss program.

At Alazzo Med Spa, we offer laser hair removal services for both men and women and provide remarkable results at modest prices. We introduced laser hair removal to the Frederick, Maryland area and therefore, are the most experienced provider. With our advanced lasers and extensive knowledge, you won’t be disappointed. Instead, you’ll want to tell all of your friends and family like Lorraine M. who shared with us how pleased she and her family are with our services.

“I am so pleased with the service and staff at Alazzo. I have four daughters who all have laser hair removal services and their experiences, as well as mine, have been extremely pleasant and effective. The staff is so friendly and go out of their way to accommodate us. Their prices are excellent as well.” ~Lorraine M.

We also offer several skin treatments, such as intense pulse light (IPL) therapy, microresurfacing and chemical peels to name a few. All of our skin treatments are designed to keep your skin looking ageless and are specifically designed for you. Continue on to see what a couple of our clients had to say about our skin care services:

“Excellent customer service! It’s nice to always be greeted at each visit with a kind smile and genuinely positive attitude. Technicians are very knowledgeable in their “craft” and provide exceptional service. I love the microdermabrasions and my skin feels amazing after the process. Highly recommend this service to anyone looking to keep their youthful appearance. Looking forward to my next visit!” ~Sonia B.

“The results of my hair removal, IPL, microdermabrasions and O2 lifts are amazing. Every treatment I have had I have been extremely pleased with. The staff are all fantastically friendly, complimentary and helpful. They offer specials and suggestions for services specifically tailored to the season and my individual needs. Brittney has a fantastic “bedside manner” and is always sharing her deep knowledge, expertise and caring! After my first visit to Alazzo I was hooked! I would recommend Alazzo to anyone and everyone!” ~Venus E.

Just like our skin treatments, our weight loss program is specifically designed for you as well. Have you ever had a weight loss program that analyzes your body with a hair mineral analysis and an inbody bioelectrical impedance analysis? We didn’t think so! This customized weight loss assistance program is exclusive to Alazzo Med Spa and will help you understand how to rid the pounds, how to keep them off and what got them there in the first place. Here’s what one client had to say about our weight loss program:

“The staff is very professional and friendly. They are honest and will tell you if a service requested is not in the best interest of the client. I did the weight loss program and was very successful! I lost 25bs in the 3 months. Britt was extremely helpful in making food choices and providing me with reasonable options to make me successful. I feel like a new person!” ~Anonymous

If you’d like to see more reviews, please visit our Facebook page and if you’d like to experience such gratitude yourself, feel free to give us a call today for a free consultation about any of our services – 301.810.5740.