Bikini Body, Baby!

This summer is yours! You’ve been working for months on a healthier body and your hard work is showing. But, if those last few inches still have you shying away from that bikini, or bathing suit in general, we have you covered.

Get those last few inches off fast!

We recently introduced the UltraShape and VelaShape to Alazzo Med Spa. Each are body contouring machines with non-invasive fat reduction technologies. You can read more about the technology behind these two amazing machines in a recent blog article, Non-Invasive Body Shaping: UltraShape Vs VelaShape. UltraShape and VelaShape both give amazing results! In a clinical study on UltraShape, after the standard 3 treatments, the average waistline reduction was about 1.2-2.5 inches for the average person with a BMI of 30 or below. Results are not guaranteed but when UltraShape and VelaShape are used together, most people see results in as little as two weeks. Can you imagine how much of a relief that would be to get those stubborn inches off in as little as two weeks after all of the hard work you’ve been putting in? You’ll feel amazing!

Keeping those inches off throughout the summer.

Once you’ve had your UltraShape and VelaShape treatments, it’s important to know how to maintain your bikini body. Both of these treatments target subcutaneous fat, which is the fat right below the skin’s surface. Everyone has subcutaneous fat cells but some people have more than others which is predetermined by genetics. While some of us may have more fat cells than others, this does not mean that we have more fat. The amount of fat stored in each cell is regulated by your caloric intake and activity and corresponds to our weight as well as how each area appears to look fatty or lean.

So, you can keep the inches off by remaining active but also by making some small changes to your eating habits. Be sure to eat breakfast to jumpstart your metabolism, decrease your caloric intake to create a caloric deficit and eat foods that are not high in fat, sugar and sodium. These small changes will help prevent subcutaneous fat from coming back. If diet and exercise are an area you struggle with, we can help you with our customized weight loss program.

Regardless if you just need the inches off now or want to make a life style change to maintain your good health, we can help. Call us at 301.810.5740 to schedule a free consultation. We’ll address your specific needs and desired results and get your bikini body in no time!