A Must Do Before You’re Gray!

Silvery, pewter, frosty, salt and pepper. Whatever you call it, gray hair comes upon all of us at some point in our lives. Some people get it in their 20s when others don’t get it until their late 50s. Regardless of how the odds of gray hair are stacked against you, if you plan on getting laser hair removal, get it before you go gray!

Factors that may determine when you go gray.

There are several factors that may help us determine when exactly we’ll go gray. Ethnicity seems to be the most common. Generally, Caucasians tend to go gray in their 30s which is before other ethnicities such as Asians and African-Americans which tend to turn gray in their 40s. Regardless of your ethnicity, you may want to ask both parents about your family history to get a good idea of when you may start to turn. Other factors include whether you smoke or not, as smoking has been linked to premature graying, as well as less common factors such as some health conditions. Any health condition that prevents your body from absorbing vitamin B12 and those that involve your pituitary or thyroid gland can make you go gray faster.  Your thyroid and pituitary glands help your body produce melanin which gives your hair follicle its color.

If you fall into the age ranges listed above or have any of the common factors discussed, do not wait until it’s too late! The most important factor when determining the effectiveness of laser hair removal is how dark your hair is. Those who have dark hair are much more likely to have more desirable results for permanent hair reduction. This is simply because the laser used in laser hair removal is attracted to the pigment, otherwise known as the color, of your hair. If you have gray hair, you have no pigment left so you are no longer a candidate for laser hair removal.

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