3 Things to Know About Laser Hair Removal

Think back to last summer…Can you remember how much of a chore it was to maintain the hair on your legs, face, underarms and bikini area? It takes so much time! Well, we have good news! Spring is a great time to plan ahead and book a laser hair removal appointment so you’re not hassled this summer. The even better news is that we have been providing laser hair removal for over ten years and have multiple lasers for different hair and skin types! While laser hair removal might sound like a complicated treatment, it’s actually quite simple. Here are 3 important things to know:

How laser hair removal works

A medical professional uses a handheld device that emits and pulses near-infrared laser light to the surface of the skin. Laser light is an energy that is converted to heat and is attracted to melanin or color. The color of the hair follicle absorbs the laser’s light or energy and pulls it down to the root of the hair follicle. This cuts off the blood supply that allows the hair to grow.

Hair growth is cyclical: it grows, falls out, and regrows. At any given time, approximately 10-20% of your hair is actively growing and attached to the root vulnerable to the laser’s energy. The ultimate goal of laser hair removal is to wear down the root for maximum hair reduction.

How long the laser hair removal treatment lasts

While you might notice results right away, it takes multiple treatments to fully rid the body of new hair growth. In about 7-10 days after your procedure, the hair in the treated area will shed resulting in a “honeymoon” phase where you experience limited hair growth. The destroyed hairs will not return, but other hairs entering into the growth phase start to show when it’s about time for you to return for your next treatment. It’s important to note that once a hair is destroyed it is permanently destroyed. However, the body can always grow and generate new hair. Your appointment frequency will vary depending on the service: facial hair removal should be scheduled every 4 weeks, 6 weeks for the mid-body, and 8 weeks for the legs. At Alazzo, we offer treatment packages of 6 total sessions, which are spaced apart according to the area of hair removal. 

How you can prepare for laser hair removal

Now is a great time to prepare your body for a future appointment. Did you know that the laser is attracted to pigment (color) in your hair follicles? If the skin around your hair is dark, the laser won’t be able to easily differentiate between skin and hair, and may cause you to need more sessions in order to experience the best result. Keep your skin protected from color changes by wearing sunscreen with a high SPF. 

Because the laser targets the hair’s roots, you’ll want to avoid plucking or waxing hair before your treatment. However, we do recommend you shave for at least 24 hours before your appointment. 

With laser hair removal, you’ll notice a permanent reduction of hair growth. Are you ready to say goodbye to constantly maintaining the hair on your body? We’d love to set up a consultation with you for when we reopen!