When DIY Is Not the Way to Go!

Do-it-yourself (DIY) activities are a hot trend with time and money-saving tips being shared by the minute on sites like Pinterest. While saving time and money are both great, they shouldn’t be spared when it comes to proper skin care with medical spa treatments.

At home DIY treatments

Some popular at home DIY treatments are laser hair removal and chemical peels. Laser hair removal is much more popular in general with over 1.4 million laser hair removal treatments being done in the U.S each year according to HairRemovalJournal.org. Laser hair removal involves using a laser device that cuts off the blood flow to the hair follicle which prohibits it from growing. Chemical peels are medical grade chemical solutions that are applied to the face to improve the appearance of skin.

The dangers of at home DIY treatments

As stated, laser hair removal is done with a laser device which should only be used by trained medical staff such as registered nurses, nurse practitioners and doctors. There are many adverse effects of doing it yourself. For instance, the laser hair removal kits that are to be used at home are not as effective. They simply are not capable of putting out enough energy to rid the hair as quickly and effectively as laser hair removal machines used in medical spas. Also, when using lasers, you can easily burn and/or scar your skin. One laser doesn’t fit all and you should seek a trained professional, like those at Alazzo Med Spa, to evaluate your skin and hair type, so that they can recommend the best laser and treatment and to perform the recommended treatment. Lastly, laser hair removal can be painful in certain areas. If you do the treatment at home, you will not have access to topical numbing agents that can reduce the pain. By going to a med spa, a prescription strength topical treatment can be given to make you much more comfortable during treatment.

Laser hair removal isn’t the only thing that is dangerous to do at home. Chemical peels are as well. Chemical peels are typically done on the face and the chemical used depends on your skin type. At a med spa, your skin will be evaluated and treated with the peel that is most appropriate for your skin type. If you apply a peel at home, you can easily damage your skin more by applying the wrong type of peel or leaving the peel on for too long. The peel can even react with a medication that you are taking which you would have no knowledge of without the oversight of a medical professional.

Medical spa treatments are performed with state-of-the-art technology and the most effective procedures and products. Licensed and trained professionals know how to determine what is the safest for you and what will provide the best results. They can also pick up on warning signs before serious damage occurs. DIY medical treatments are not as advanced, and therefore are not as effective as treatments done at a med spa.

The risk is not worth taking so please consult a licensed and trained professional to get the best and safest results. You can set up a free consultation today by calling 301.810.5740, to discuss your concerns and the treatment options that would be best for you.