What is Emsculpt Neo?

Have you put on the COVID 10 or even 20? So many people have and have been working tirelessly to get those extra pounds off. And let’s face it – there is almost nothing as frustrating as failing to meet your fitness goals. Sometimes, no matter how many crunches or squats you do, you are unable to attain the firm, toned look you desire. 

You’re doing everything right – sweating it out at the gym, attending regular yoga classes, slotting the cardio routine into your super busy schedule, and maintaining a healthy weight and diet, but it just doesn’t seem to be enough. As you age, your body changes and it can become more and more difficult to maintain your desired level of fitness. Women who have gone through childbirth can have an especially difficult time bringing their bodies back to the condition they were in before having children. Or, as a busy mom (or dad!) you may have trouble maintaining consistency in your workout routine. 

If you value your health and want to keep your body strong, it can be downright discouraging. That’s where Emsculpt Neo comes in. 

Emsculpt Neo Is…

Emsculpt Neo is the first and only non-invasive FDA-approved device that uses high-intensity electromagnetic energy to tone and strengthen the abdominal muscles and thighs as well as tone and lift the buttocks. 

The electromagnetic energy triggers supramaximal contractions. In a 30-minute session, the Emsculpt Neo contracts your targeted muscles 20,000 times. Yup – that’s 20,000! Emsculpt Neo far surpasses what you’d be able to achieve even with the most challenging workout. In response to these contractions, your muscles reconstruct themselves, fat cells are zapped (for a 30% loss after four treatments) and your muscle fibers are increased (by about 25%). The result? More defined abs and a rounder, firmer bum. 

What to expect

During an Emsculpt Neo session, you’ll lay down while the machine does its work. The sensation is that of small pulses and contractions that gradually build into more intense contractions. You’ll feel it, but it’s not painful. And there is no downtime following the treatment. You can immediately return to your regular daily activities, although you should avoid vigorous exercise that affects the targeted muscles for a week after your appointment. 

Who is it ideal for?

The ideal candidate for Emsculpt Neo is someone who is no more than 30 pounds from their ideal body weight, is active and fit, but has a stubborn area (or more than one) that they haven’t been able to correct with a healthy diet and exercise.  

Other benefits are: 

·Reduction of diastatic recti – Emsculpt Neo has been shown to reduce diastasis recti, the abdominal separation that frequently occurs as a result of pregnancy, by 10 percent. Diastatic recti can also occur following major abdominal surgeries or a significant weight change. 

· Reduction in the likelihood of injury and relief of back pain – Back strains can be caused by a weak core that is not strong enough to stabilize your back. By strengthening abdominal muscles, Emsculpt Neo can help you avoid back injuries and pain. 

·Speedier injury recovery – Emsculpt Neo can be used as a supplement to physical therapy by promoting healing by strengthening muscle tissue. 

·Better posture – Strengthening your ab muscles can also reduce slouching resulting from poor posture, which helps maintain spine health.

·Faster metabolism – And of course, adding muscle mass speeds your metabolism! 

Alazzo Med Spa in Frederick, MD is thrilled to now offer revolutionary, non-invasive Emsculpt Neo. In addition to Emsculpt Neo, our highly trained team offers a variety of medical-grade products and treatments designed to help you look and feel your best at any age. We would love to meet you and discuss your health and skincare concerns so we can craft a tailored plan to ensure you meet your goals. Contact us today for a consultation!