Why We Love BIHRT

Testosterone plays an important part in the body so when levels are low, Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BIHRT) is a good solution. As a very valuable hormone that works in both men and women, having even levels is important. When you don’t have enough testosterone in your body, you will notice both mental and physical changes. Because of high stress, high paced lifestyles, and environmental factors testosterone levels have been depleted over time taking a toll on daily functions.

What does testosterone do?

Basically, it will help you have a better general overall feeling. It will give you more energy, increase mental clarity, improve sleep so you wake up feeling refreshed, and have an overall calming effect. Since women don’t have higher levels of testosterone, like men, they are more sensitive to it, therefore, they don’t need as much to tachieve noticeable results. When working out, having the appropriate amount of testosterone in your system helps to carve out those nice lean looking muscles for both men and women.

Can BIHRT help with menopause symptoms?

Woman receiving BIHRT that are in pre-menopause or menopause will see a decrease in estrogen. When the testosterone levels are adequate, they will convert to estrogen. This is naturally occurring when the body has the right hormone levels. Testosterone converting over to estrogen will help eliminate night sweats and hot flashes as well as other menopausal symptoms.  The hormones used in BIHRT are Bio-Identical meaning they bind to the receptor sites in our body. Therefore, the body will receive the amounts it needs, without overloading or receiving too little.

How testosterone pellets work

The T-pellets used in BIHRT are plant based and all natural. Other hormone replacements, like Premarin, are derived from horse urine. This is a much stronger hormone than our bodies can handle and properly use.

The pellets, about the size of a grain of rice, are implanted in the hip and testosterone is slowly released so you aren’t getting any rise and falls in hormone levels. Other methods may use shots, which give you a spike at the time of injection and lower levels until the next shot is received. Some methods use a patch which can cause a sensitivity at the patch site and doesn’t give you the adequate dose that pellets can give you.

Other benefits

Testosterone is a natural anti-inflammatory. For women, testosterone binds to the receptors that estrogen would, so it decreases the risks cancer. For men, it will decrease the risk for prostate cancer.

Too much estrogen in the system is not healthy for the body so that’s why we want to place a “blocker” in the pellets of the women that are pre-menopausal or have a history of cancer. This helps prevent the testosterone from turning into estrogen creating a surplus. It doesn’t matter how old you are, there are benefits for every age level.

BIHRT can help to lower your cholesterol levels and A1C levels. Another common benefit is a rise in sex drive. There are no risks associated with BIHRT and minimal side effects according to multiple studies. The typical side effects are hair growth and/or acne. We have methods like laser hair removal and Skinade to help manage any side effects experienced.

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