Using Botox™ as a Preventative Measure

Ever wonder how your girlfriends don’t have those 2 lines between their eyes when they squint or the wrinkles in their forehead when they raise their eyebrows? Chances are they’ve had a few Botox™ treatments. Botox™ is one of the safest and most commonly used injectables for treating wrinkles. It used to be that the average age for those beginning to use Botox™ was 35-40 and now, the number of people under 30 using Botox™ has been steadily increasing. Imagine being able to treat wrinkles before they become a permanent feature! It’s estimated that over 7 million Botox™ procedures were done in the United States last year alone because people are doing just that – preventing and treating wrinkles with Botox™.

What is Botox™ exactly? Botox™ is a beauty procedure used to decrease the number of noticeable wrinkles on your face. It’s typically used on wrinkles we get from the motions our faces make and our age. Over time, we make the same movements which make the deficits in our face more permanent and therefore more noticeable. Botox™ relaxes the muscles used to make these motions, so they no longer contract as much. For those with wrinkles already, this relaxing of the muscle smoothes out the skin and makes wrinkles soften. This leaves them with a younger-looking and noticeably smoother face. Wrinkles become much less prominent after just one treatment. 

Botox™ as an preventative measure

We can now use Botox™ to help you slow down the aging process and prevent these deep wrinkles from occurring. How amazing is that?!  The best candidates for this procedure are usually people in their mid-20s who begin to notice slight wrinkles forming. Family genetics also play a role in where and how deep your wrinkles form as well as how soon you may notice them. If developing wrinkles between the eyebrows runs in your family, you may choose to start treatment for this area earlier than most as a precautionary measure. Some people also make constant expressions that cause early wrinkles. Using Botox™ as a preventative measure will help you greatly delay the onset of wrinkles caused by these types of movements.

Botox™ to prevent wrinkles

So how exactly does the preventive process work, you ask? Well, it’s actually training your face not to have wrinkles! Injecting Botox™ in a very deliberate and precise manner helps retrain your facial muscles. Botox™ prevents muscles from pulling in certain directions and allows your face to learn to use other muscles instead. Which overall, allows proportionate aging of the facial structure. Some people will need a touch up after 3-4 months but those using it as a precautionary measure can expect to go a little longer without another treatment. 

Whether you have found normal lines that come with age or are concerned about genetic factors, Botox™™ can help. It is important to remember that other measures, along with Botox™, are what keep your skin looking younger. The American Academy of Dermatology recommends using a sunscreen of at least 30 SPF as part of your daily skincare routine. Maintaining a good diet that includes lots of hydration, is also an essential factor for keeping your skin looking smooth and vibrant. Botox™ combined with a healthy lifestyle will give you the results you’ve been looking for.