3 Things You Didn’t Know About Injectables

Injectables are one of the better-known services that we provide at Alazzo Med Spa. Most people have heard of Botox, and understand how injectables can be great at lessening fine lines and wrinkles to reduce the appearance of age. Even if you think you’ve heard it all, though, chances are there are still things you don’t know. At Alazzo Med Spa, we’re experts when it comes to injectables and other skin treatments. Let’s take a look at some things you probably didn’t know about injectables, so that you’ll have an even better understanding of how they can help you on the path to ageless skin.

1. Botox was originally developed for medical purposes
Although today Botox is revered for its cosmetic uses, you might not have known that the treatment was originally developed as a means of combatting medical disorders such as strabismus (crossed eyes), facial spasms, and vocal chord spasms. It wasn’t until a Canadian ophthalmologist discovered that her patients were losing their frown lines that the drug began being explored for its cosmetic potential. Today, Botox has proven to be extremely effective both medically and cosmetically.

2. Neuromodulators like Botox can be used preventatively
Many people view neuromodulators like Botox as a means to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. While they are certainly great at doing this, they also have another use: preventing wrinkles from developing in the first place. Because neuromodulators relax the movement of muscles, they can inhibit the formation of fine lines and wrinkles that occurs over years of facial muscle contraction. It’s never too early to begin treatment, because it’s easier to stop the development of wrinkles than to reverse them after they appear. At any age, Botox can help you achieve beautiful, ageless skin.

3. The different uses of fillers
The concept of fillers is usually a familiar one, as well. As we age, our bodies absorb our naturally produced acid, and areas of our face begin to drop. Fillers work to fill and restore volume to these areas. However, there isn’t a single fix for every area, and different fillers are better suited to treat different places. At Alazzo Med Spa, we use a hyaluronic acid-based filler called Juvederm to add volume to the lips and the areas above, achieving a natural fullness that reflects your unique beauty. Radiesse, on the other hand, is a calcium-based filler that is perfect for lifting the cheeks. At Alazzo Med Spa, we can find the perfect combination of fillers to work for your individual needs, keeping your unique beauty full and ageless.

So, there you have it: a few things you probably didn’t know about injectables. Want to find out more about how injectables can work for you? Give us a call at 301.810.5740, or stop by our Urbana, MD spa for a free consultation. At Alazzo Med Spa, we have the expertise to help you keep up with the ever changing you.