Summer Sun Got You Down?

Fall is a season of fresh starts. From a new school year to the arrival of cooler weather, fall provides a chance to hit the refresh button after the heat of summer. After months of being outside in the sun, your skin is probably ready to be refreshed, too. The summer sun can take a bit of a toll on your skin, resulting in sun damage and exacerbating age spots. Fall is the perfect time to freshen things up. Here’s how you can rejuvenate your skin after a summer of soaking up the sun.

1.    Intense Pulse Light Therapy

Intense Pulse Light Therapy, or IPL, is a great way to reverse sun damage. Using a broad spectrum of light, IPL selectively targets irregular pigmentation with little effect on the surrounding tissue. The heat breaks apart sun damage, age spots, and broken capillaries in the top four layers of skin tissue. Once these irregularities are broken apart, the surrounding skin either absorbs them or they rise to the surface and can be removed.

Fall is a great time to begin treatments, because as your summer tan fades, more of your irregularities come out, and you can get more results from your fair skin. And since skin needs to be protected after IPL, the combination of your fall wardrobe and a daily application of SPF 35 is a great way to avoid prolonged sun exposure to the treated areas.

2.    Microdermabrasion

At Alazzo Med Spa, we combine IPL treatments with microdermabrasion treatments to get amazing skin care results. While IPL brings irregular pigmentation to the top and breaks it apart, microdermabrasion stimulates cellular turnover and the production of new skin cells, rejuvenating the skin more quickly. Babies’ skin is so smooth because it’s so new. This treatment helps your skin refresh itself more quickly, giving you softer skin as well.

Microdermabrasion works by using bristles and suction to get rid of dull skin cells. It buffs off the broken-up pigment that IPL has called to the surface, and gets deeper to help your skin regain a healthy tone. The combination of these two services will provide the refreshment that your skin needs after a summer in the sun. Generally, we recommend a series of five treatments spaced four weeks apart to achieve optimum results, but we can tailor the program to accommodate your individual skin type and nurture your unique beauty. Plus, visiting us is a blast. With wine, your favorite music, and great conversation, you’ll wonder why you don’t do it more often!

Are you ready to give your skin a fresh start this fall? Give us a call at 301.810.5740, or stop by our Urbana, MD spa for a free IPL skin care consultation. We love helping our clients to achieve truly ageless skin, even after summers spent soaking up the sun.