Start Fresh with a Post-Holiday Detox

On the first day of Christmas, the buffet gave to you: four slices of ham, three scoops of mashed potatoes, 2 slices of pie and a whole bottle of wine that you alone consumed! You tried to be virtuous but you lost your healthy eating halo when overindulgence won the fight. Days later you’re probably still feeling bloated and sluggish even after several naps and hours of rest. Your body is trying to adjust to all of the delicious, yet not so healthy, indulgences you had. Don’t worry, we can help you get rid of some of the bad “stuff” that is flooding your cells and making you feel awful!

To help your body get back to “normal”, we recommend getting an Ion Foot Detox. This is a safe and effective way to help your body become more alkaline, or less acidic. When we overindulge in processed foods, sugar, salt, too much protein and so forth, our bodies hold these compounds and toxins from the foods we eat in our cells. The excess molecules create a more acidic environment in our cells which can often make us feel sleepy, achy and like we have no energy at all. An Ion Foot Detox uses the process of osmosis to balance the level of water in your cells by removing the excess molecules from your body.

How Does it Work?

When you get an Ion Foot Detox, you place your feet into a foot bath full of warm water for 30 minutes. An array is placed in the middle of the foot bath and is used to create an electromagnetic pull in your body. The ion exchange created by the array allows the body to attract what it needs to rebalance its cells. Most often, this happens in the most toxic area of your body as this is the area with the greatest charge. As rebalancing occurs in the cells, the toxins are removed which makes them more alkaline and they come out of your body through pores in your feet. The water will begin to change color as this process occurs. The color will depend on the reaction of the toxins being removed from your body and the molecules in the water. The different colors indicate where your body is detoxing. To learn more about the benefits of an Ion Foot Detox, please visit

Alazzo Med Spa has partnered with Heaven On Earth to be able to provide this service to our clients at a reduced price. As a client of Alazzo, you can get a 30-minute treatment for just $20! So don’t wait – start 2016 fresh with a post-holiday detox. Call Rebecka at 301.810.5740 or Casey, of Heaven On Earth, at 301.524.9777 to schedule your Ion Foot Detox today!