Advanced Aesthetics in Urbana

Getting Started with Advanced Medical Aesthetics

When you think about advanced aesthetics, what comes to mind? At Alazzo Med Spa, advanced aesthetics in Urbana means highly specialized, clinical treatments with skilled professionals. If you’re ready to experience the highest level of service and the most advanced treatments on the market, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s how we’re redefining what aesthetics means to our community.

Where We Started

At Alazzo, we got our start by introducing our area to revolutionary laser hair removal. As a proud family-owned and operated medspa, we continue to be a leading provider of laser hair removal, but now we offer advanced options such as injectables, sculpting, and even hormone therapy! Our providers enjoy seeing the positive impact our treatments make on patients’ quality of life with every visit. Just as our patients grow and change, so does our practice. 


That’s because we refuse to compromise on quality and never stop learning. We’re constantly improving our techniques and training on state-of-the-art tools to provide the best results possible. From our decades of experience, we’re able to tailor every treatment plan to meet our patients’ unique goals and conditions, bringing out the best in everyone’s health and beauty.

What We Offer

When we describe advanced aesthetics in Urbana, we like to start with the basics and educate our patients as we explore their options. Finding the right treatment for you starts with a conversation.

In your consultation, we’ll dive deep into your current health and conditions. We’ll also talk about your lifestyle and goals as we get to know you as a patient and a person. With detailed lab results, your medical history, and a deeper understanding of the real you, our specialists will build a plan designed to help you look good and feel great! 

Looking Good

Unwanted hair, subpar skin condition, and unsightly cellulite are all common concerns we help patients with every day. To love the way you look, we have an arsenal of tools we trust for completely customizable plans that define advanced aesthetics in Urbana.

Say Goodbye to Shaving

Whether you’re battling pesky peach fuzz or you’re longing to wear shorter skirts comfortably, our specialists have just the thing. We use not one but two highly advanced machines for laser hair removal in our community. 

The first is our Apogee Elite System. This machine utilizes a 1064 nm YAG laser for excessive hair growth and darker skin types. It also includes an Alexandrite laser to relieve epidermal pigment issues while reducing freckles, signs of aging, and sun spots.


Our second option is one of the safest and most efficient hair removal treatments available. The Soprano system puts the “advanced” in advanced aesthetics in Urbana. By utilizing the 810nm wavelength, we can remove unwanted hair and improve overall skin health. The system uses SHR™ to safely and painlessly remove hair on all skin types, including tanned and dark skin. This technique works with melanin in such a way that the procedure can be performed at any time of the year.

Rejuvenate Your Skin

Many of our patients come in with concerns about fine lines and wrinkles. While we’re happy to offer temporary solutions with our injectables, we also offer more permanent results with our laser skin rejuvenation and other treatments. With minimal pain and maximum results, this is one of our favorite treatments when it comes to advanced aesthetics in Urbana. 

We utilize the Fraxel 1550 and Fraxel 1940 lasers to alleviate concerns such as acne scars, crepey skin, and more. The Fraxel lasers work to promote natural skin processes, such as collagen production, by delivering intense heat energy to pre-planned areas of your skin. As the heat energy relieves your concerns, we keep everything cool, with the unique SoftCool™ tip for maximum comfort. The treatment typically takes under an hour and requires little to no downtime, depending on the extent of your treatment.

Sculpt Your Ideal Face and Body

Our highly skilled specialists utilize the most advanced sculpting techniques to tighten skin and improve muscle tone from head to toe. We utilize four different sculpting techniques to tighten and brighten our patients’ beauty with cutting-edge technology.


EmSculpt NEO improves muscle and eradicates fat on the abdomen, buttocks, arms, and legs using a radiofrequency that destroys fat and a HIFEM® procedure to stimulate muscle tone. With thousands of contractions in just a few minutes, this treatment is sure to make your trainer jealous!

EmTone is the only FDA-approved massage device proven to temporarily reduce the look of cellulite. Patients experience relief from muscle spasms and pain while improving their circulation, making this one of the most relaxing treatments we offer for advanced aesthetics in Urbana.

EmFace stimulates skin and connective tissue in your face to provide a natural, noninvasive lift to your look! We are the first practice in Maryland to offer this treatment because of our unending commitment to innovation and customer care. Using similar techniques as EmSculpt NEO and EmTone,

EmFace is specifically designed to tone and tighten facial muscles and tissue and promote natural collagen production for lasting youthful results.

Feeling Great

Since opening our doors in 2013, our practice continues to promote innovation and personalized care that helps our patients feel as good as they look. In our culture of advanced aesthetics in Urbana, we’ve found that beauty is directly related to your biology. So, here are a couple ways we promote our patients’ natural beauty from the inside out!

Hormones and Your Health

It’s okay to have an off day sometimes. But if you’ve been feeling off for weeks, months, or even years, our specialists would like to talk about your hormones. In every consultation, we start with an easy question: “How are you feeling?” This may seem like an easy question, but if you’re experiencing brain fog, lower sex drive, and more fatigue, it’s time to try BHRT.

Bioidentical hormone therapy is a revolutionary treatment that uses plant-derived compounds to promote natural hormones such as testosterone, and estrogen. After learning more about your hormones, we surgically insert a pellet the size of a grain of rice with a custom blend of hormones designed to help you get your groove back. We also conduct follow-ups to monitor your progress and improve your results over time.

Wellness From Within

At Alazzo Med Spa, we also offer clinical-grade wellness products to help everyone improve how they look and feel at home. We carry various CBD products, collagen supplements, and Nutrafol to improve everything from sleep to skin and hair quality. Our expert recommendations and great products truly allow everyone to achieve the highest standard of advanced aesthetics in Urbana.

Advance Your Health and Beauty

You’re more than welcome to keep reading about our practice and professional treatments. But when you’re ready to take your health and beauty to the next level, we’re here to talk. Build your plan for total health and beauty by booking your consultation, or using our virtual consultation tool.