One Hour, One Inch, One Dress Size

At Alazzo Med Spa we understand that sometimes diet and exercise just aren’t enough to get rid of that last stubborn inch. Therefore, we offer different treatments that will take one hour, one inch, and one dress size.


Liposonix is a non-invasive, body contouring machine that targets and liquefies fat in a specific area. Ultrasound energy is pushed into the fat cells and is used simultaneously with heat to break up the cells. The body then absorbs the broken down fat cells and eliminates them. When using the Liposonix for treatment, you will only need a single one-hour treatment to lose one inch and potentially one dress size. During treatment, you will have a numbing agent applied to the area being treated to reduce any discomfort. Because the Liposonix uses heat, it can sometimes be uncomfortable as everyone’s pain tolerance is different.


UltraShape is another non-invasive, body contouring machine that uses pulsed ultrasound technology, without heat, for selective fat cell destruction. As with Liposonix, the body absorbs the destroyed fat cells and eliminates them. The UltraShape requires 3 treatments spaced apart by a two-week period – making you fully treated in 1 month. It too will take 1 hour and can result in a loss of one inch and one dress size.

While these machines are both used to contour the body, we create a customized program designed specifically for your desired results. During your consultation, we will take measurements and pictures of the area you are looking to have contoured. Keep in mind that these treatments are used to shape an area, not as a way to lose weight.

If you have a problem area that you would like treated, give us a call at 301.810.5740 to set up your free consultation. We’ll have you losing one inch and one dress size in no time!