Men and Spas Do Mix!

Come again? Yes, you heard us right and you shouldn’t be so shocked.  Society has evolved from the days when “men” and “spas” wouldn’t be heard together unless someone was talking about a man getting a gift for his wife or girlfriend.  Today’s med spas have become a place where men and women come to build their confidence.  Alazzo Med Spa offers a line of services that both men and women alike can enjoy and develop a better self.

While many men have caught on to this shift, there are still some that aren’t too keen on stepping foot in a med spa.  At Alazzo Med Spa, we’re aware of the sensitivities that men have to spas, in general, and med spas and we make sure we create an experience that is the most comfortable and removes the stigma of men being at them.

Laser Hair Removal for Men

Many of our male customers are brought in by their significant others due to the initial apprehension of going to a med spa and come in for several different reasons. They might be getting tired of shaving their back or the back of their neck. Or as summer approaches the maintenance of shaving their chest may be putting a few men in tough places. For this, we offer laser hair removal for men. We use the latest laser hair removal technology to remove back, neck, and chest hair to have a smooth beach body any woman would love.

Other Services for Men

We also see a lot of men that go to the gym regularly but can’t seem to get rid of those love handles. We offer a weight loss program in Frederick, MD, as well as body contouring services using Liposonix that can knock off those pesky love handles. We also have skin care for men including intense pulse light (IPL) therapy used to treat sun and age spots, injectables to reduce the lines associated with aging, and microsurfacing for younger looking, ageless skin.

The facts are that men and women share many of the same skin issues and they want to look and feel good. Whether a man or a woman, seeking professional med spa services allows anyone to address their issues and boost their self-confidence. At Alazzo Med Spa, we help men stay inhibition free and relaxed during their services.

If you’re one of those males that still think med spas are feminine and not meant for men, we invite you in for a free and private consultation to discuss your concerns and to show you that men and spas really do mix.