Lip Fillers in Frederick

Fill or Flip? Your Guide to Lip Fillers in Frederick

Give us your best pout—go on, try it! If your pout feels less than perfect, it’s time to talk to Alazzo Med Spa. People with punims of all shapes and sizes trust our specialists to give them the luscious lips they love. We provide every patient with a totally custom treatment plan to perfect their pout. So, here’s what we talk about when discussing lip fillers in Frederick.

Lip Fillers Are…

The lip fillers we use are essentially injectables that attract water and fill the lips from the inside. We trust Restylane Kysse for fuller, lips with movement in mind. While we offer other products to provide more subtle enhancements, Restylane utilizes the power of hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring compound in the body to increase natural-looking volume and leave the duck lips in 2012.

Turning up the Volume

To get fuller, more defined lips, one quick procedure is all it takes! Your experience starts by administering a topical or local numbing agent. While you get comfortably numb, we’ll prepare our syringes with the injectable that will be the best match for your goals, as discussed during our one-on-one consultation. Then, we carefully plot injection sites and use very fine needles to inject your lip fillers in Frederick. The entire process takes less than an hour and requires virtually no downtime!

You’ll most likely feel numbness for a couple of hours following your lip fillers in Frederick. So, we recommend avoiding big meetings, eating, or drinking while your fillers work their magic. After your initial injections, we’ll schedule a follow-up appointment as soon as 2 weeks later to monitor your progress and plan for any additional treatments.

Flipping Great Lips

An alternative to fillers is a lip flip. Designed to create smoother looks, these flips utilize the common Botulinum toxin, Botox and Dysport. In this procedure, we inject Botox or Dysport above the upper lip to allow those muscles to relax. This helps the upper lip to curl slightly upward, giving you larger, fuller-looking lips. Lip flips are the least invasive option for lip enhancement and are a very effective alternative to lip fillers in Frederick.

Flip Or Fill?

At Alazzo, we create custom treatment plans for every patient. After discussing your goals during our consultation, we’ll determine whether you’ll benefit more from a lip flip or lip fillers in Frederick. As experts in both procedures, we’ll provide guidance on the best options based on your anatomy and preferences. We may combine both to enhance lip volume with fillers and use Botox to lift the upper lip. Here are the key points of each treatment.

Lip Flips Provide…

There are many reasons to get a lip flip, but everyone’s lip flip is completely unique with our providers. We consider many other areas of your face aside from your lips to give the most natural looking results possible. Your lip flip at Alazzo will be uniquely tailored to enhance your natural beauty, not change it.

  • Fuller Looking Lips – Lips look naturally fuller without the need for additional volume.
  • A Brighter Smile – Your upper lip will become more pronounced when you smile.
  • Fewer Fine Lines – Lines are less visible with smoother skin surrounding the lips.
  • The Perfect Pout – A natural-looking, noticeable improvement of the “pout” in your lips.
  • Semi-Permanent Results – Lip flips last up to 3 to 4 months on average.

Lip Fillers Give You…

Lip fillers are a great, less permanent option to lip flips. If you’re looking for results, but you want to customize your results, lip fillers are your best option for fuller lips. Using Hyaluronic acid, our lip fillers allow us to build the optimal volume in and around your lips, and customize your treatments based on your preferences.

  • Plump, Pillowy Lips – Lip fillers optimize volume to provide the perfect, plump pout.
  • Symmetry and Shape – Optimal fillers provide a more symmetrical shape and size.
  • Improved Deep Lines – Improve severe lip lines add the necessary volume..
  • Long-Term Lusciousness – Lip fillers can last up to 12 months.

Get the Lips Everyone Loves

You don’t have to be Kim K to get the best treatments possible. At Alazzo, we provide the same state-of-the-art treatments people trust to get looks all over the world. You’re more than welcome to keep reading about other treatments. But when you’re ready for your perfect pout, let’s talk!


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