Getting Bikini-Ready

What reminds you of summer? Is it a resort getaway with sandy toes and an ocean breeze? A game of frisbee or volleyball on the beach? Maybe it’s the sounds of giggling, splashing children at your neighborhood pool. Regardless of what makes you think of the warmest months, if you want to get the most out of the long, hot days, you’ll undoubtedly be spending more time in a swimsuit, so how can you get bikini ready?

Planning for summer by scheduling a consultation with a professional at a med spa is the best way to ensure your body is bikini-ready when the time comes. Believe it or not, autumn and winter are not too early to get started with laser hair removal or body contouring services! Here are some tips for what to expect and how to plan:  

Laser hair removal  

If you want to simplify your daily shaving routine or avoid the hassle of monthly waxing appointments, laser hair removal is a great option. Laser hair removal employs a handpiece that emits near-infrared laser light on your skin, penetrating a few millimeters below the surface. Melanin attracts the laser and the color of the hair follicle absorbs the energy and pulls it down to the root of the hair follicle, cutting off the blood supply and impeding the hair’s growth.

Because only approximately 20 percent of your hair is vulnerable to laser energy at any given time, you will need roughly six treatments to remove as much as possible and achieve permanent hair reduction. A professional who is experienced in laser hair removal services can identify the correct combination of wavelength, energy, and pulse duration for ideal results. 

How to prepare for laser hair removal and when you can expect results

Preparation for a laser hair removal appointment is simple. At your consultation, the specialist will give you specific instructions, such as what medications to avoid before treatments. Here are the basics: 

·Shave no sooner than 24 hours before your appointment and avoid lotions, oils, creams, or fragrances. 

·Other than shaving, do not use any other form of hair removal during treatment.

·Avoid sun exposure to the treatment area and don’t use tanning beds or spray tans for at least two weeks before your appointment. 

Each appointment can be as short as 15 minutes or up to one hour, depending on how many areas you are getting treated. Although most people see results after only one treatment, the total process usually takes about six months. Upkeep varies but you can seek a med spa that provides a lifetime maintenance program at a minimal cost. 

Emsculpt Neo

If you’re spending hours in the gym sweating it out in preparation for summer and still not seeing the toned physique you desire, it can be downright discouraging. If that sounds familiar, Emsculpt Neo may be a great option for you. 

Emsculpt Neo is a non-invasive FDA-approved device that uses high-intensity electromagnetic energy to tone and strengthen the abdominal muscles and thighs and tone and lift the buttocks. It is ideal for people who are no more than 30 pounds from their ideal body weight and are active and fit but have a stubborn area (or more than one) that they haven’t been able to correct with a healthy diet and exercise. 

Emsculpt Neo triggers 20,000 supramaximal contractions to your target muscles in a 30-minute session. In response to these contractions, your muscles reconstruct themselves, fat cells are zapped (for a 30 percent loss after four treatments) and your muscle fibers are increased (by about 25 percent). The result is more defined abs and a rounder, firmer bum. 

How to prepare for Emsculpt Neo and when you can expect results

When you meet with your provider for a consultation, they’ll be able to tell you how many appointments you’ll need to reach your goals. Most people require four 20-30 minutes sessions separated by at least two days. Emsculpt Neo is painless, and you don’t need to do anything special to prepare other than make sure you are well-hydrated and dressed in comfortable clothes.  

There is no downtime following the treatment, so you can immediately return to your regular daily activities. That includes donning your favorite maillot or bikini, topping it with a breezy sarong, and heading outside! 

Ready to prepare for bikini season?

Alazzo Med Spa provides a variety of products and services, including laser hair removal and Emsculpt Neo, to help you get ready for bikini season so that you look and feel your best at any age. We would love to speak with you about how we can address your skin and health concerns so you’re bikini-ready! Visit us for a consultation!