Fungus, Skin Tags, Veins

Do you have unsightly toenail fungus, skin tags and veins that you’re embarrassed of? If you do, you’re not alone. We have services that will address all three, so that you can have your confidence back.

Toe Nail Fungus Removal
At Alazzo Med Spa, we offer toenail fungus removal that trumps those pill and liquid treatments that can often be ineffective. Toenail fungus grows under the nail bed, so in order to treat it, you must be able to get under the nail bed. We use a laser to do just that. The laser penetrates the nail bed and destroys the fungus. The number of treatments needed depends on how bad your fungus is. Typically, it takes 3-4 treatments.

Skin Tag Removal
Skin tags appear on the skin’s surface as small pieces of hanging skin and are typically in places where your skin rubs together, like on your eyelids, armpits, and neck. They affect men and women equally, and are caused by several things such as being overweight or pregnant and having diabetes. Here at Alazzo Med Spa, we take care of those pesky problems with a quick removal that may require a local anesthetic if it’s a large tag. Once a tag is removed, that’s all you need. There are no ongoing treatments.

Hiding Veins
Heredity can give you a lot of good traits and a lot of not-so-good traits, such as unsightly spider veins. Spider veins can also be caused by aging, hormonal changes, obesity, lack of movement and sun exposure. At Alazzo Med Spa, we provide vein therapy by utilizing the latest technology in laser therapy. Laser therapy causes the vein to collapse or break apart, and is always used to treat spider veins in the face. Typically, 2-3 treatments are needed.

While most of Alazzo Med Spa’s services are packaged, each of these services is charged by session, often in 15-minute increments. Give us a call at 301.810.5740 for a free consultation regarding any of these services and start on your path to ageless skin today.