Facial Contouring in Frederick, MD

The Future of Facial Contouring in Frederick

Every day, new advancements create exciting opportunities for our patients at Alazzo Med Spa. With more technology at our fingertips than ever before, we’re proud to offer so many options for facial contouring in Frederick. But with so many options, it can be overwhelming when it comes to deciding what’s best for your beauty. That’s why we’re excited to share the details behind the most advanced treatments we offer! See what your future might hold with our options below.

Emface the Future

Instead of shying away from aging skin, fine lines, and wrinkles, our patients Emface their concerns with this totally unique treatment! In just 20 minutes, you can change the health and beauty of your face for the better with this completely noninvasive procedure. Here’s how Emface is shaping the future of facial contouring in Frederick:

How it Works

Emface is the first procedure to combine the power of synchronized radio frequencies and HIFES muscle stimulation specifically for the face. By using high-intensity facial electrical stimulation, or HIFES, Emface contracts facial muscles thousands of times a minute. Simultaneously, radio frequencies break up the collagen structure throughout your dermis and epidermis to kickstart new growth. 


By combining these highly advanced techniques, Emface improves your face’s physical health and beauty. You may not be able to work out your facial muscles like you can your arms or legs, but Emface takes your face to the gym for your overall appearance and improves the health of your skin at the cellular level. The future of facial contouring in Frederick is now, with many more options available at Alazzo Med Spa!

Fraxel Skin Rejuvenation

The future of facial contouring is going noninvasive, and Fraxel is leading the way for laser treatments everywhere! The Fraxel system is the first non-ablative fractional laser skin resurfacing treatment, with transformative results going all the way back to 2003. The versatility of this treatment allows us to treat sunspots and fine lines in just one treatment! Here’s how the magic happens:

Science, Not Sorcery

The amazing results patients have experienced for over 20 years come from the complex science found in this fractional laser. Fraxel delivers powerful laser wavelengths using up to 70 megajoules of energy to create microinjuries throughout the treatment area. These microinjuries jumpstart the natural healing processes of your skin. This promotes fresh skin cells while getting rid of any damaged or dead cells.


The entire treatment takes less than an hour and requires very little aftercare between sessions. At Alazzo Med Spa, we prioritize our patients’ time, which is why we select the most effective treatments with as little recovery time as possible.


Options mean everything when it comes to getting the most out of your facial contouring in Frederick. While PlasmaIQ works similarly to Fraxel, it uses a very different method to jumpstart your fresh look. Here’s how this focus energy treatment creates tighter, brighter looks in less time than it takes to shave your legs!

It’s in the Air

The PlasmaIQ device uses high (950V) and low (650V) energy microbeams to ionize gas particles in the air and create ultra-precise microinjuries. This method is even more precise than Fraxel because it uses the particles in the air to trigger sublimation in the epidermis of the skin. That means this highly advanced technique actually vaporizes dead and damaged skin cells while your skin naturally tightens and smooths. 

The amount of heat necessary to achieve this does come with a bit of pain. That’s why our specialists pay close attention to your comfort levels and adjust the machine accordingly.  Any practice can tell you that this is one of the most advanced options they carry. But Alazzo Med Spa isn’t just any practice!  

IPL Therapy

We go even further by shining a new light on facial contouring in Frederick. IPL Therapy is short for intense pulsed light therapy. This method is the least damaging while remaining one of the most effective options. With various wavelengths flooding your skin, this treatment is a great option to address different concerns in one quick treatment. Here’s how it works for almost every skin type and condition!

The Photofacial

IPL is very similar to laser treatments, but while lasers focus intense light energy, IPL scatters different wavelengths that penetrate down to your dermis. Instead of just one high-intensity laser, you get multiple powerful wavelengths at once in quick bursts, like the flash of a camera. This is where the term photofacial comes from. These bursts of light cause less damage to your pigment cells while breaking up dead or damaged cells in the dermis. Each session takes less than 30 minutes, and patients can expect results from between 3 and 6 sessions. Some patients report a snapping sensation, but we can always adjust the intensity of your treatment to ensure maximum comfort. Highly advanced techniques are what make Alazzo Med Spa Maryland’s go-to beauty specialists. But we never forget the tried-and-true treatments that came before all of our futuristic options. 

A Shot of Facial Contouring in Frederick

Not all of our treatments involve complex, futuristic technology. Some of them just give our patients the shot of beauty they’ve been looking for. Botox and Dysport are some of the most well-known options for facial contouring in Urbana. But we take things even further by combining their amazing properties with dermal fillers or any of the aforementioned treatments. Here’s why our patients still trust these injectables after all these years.

Botox & Dysport

Botulinum toxin hit the aesthetics industry over 20 years ago. As it was being used in emergency rooms for trauma and migraines, our aesthetic minds also found it to be beneficial to smooth fine lines and wrinkles. After decades of use, Botox is still one of the most affordable and effective options for facial contouring in Urbana. 

Dermal Fillers

The many faces of Restylane reintroduce the volume that you naturally lose over time. Volume loss is completely natural, but it can be accelerated by genetic predispositions, disease, and dramatic weight loss. To replace that natural volume, we’ll inject the correct Restylane formula specific to your concerns. Here are a few common areas we treat with facial contouring in Frederick:

Cheeks Lyft, Contour

Undereye HollowsEyelight

Chin and Jowl Area Original Restylane, Defyne, Lyft, Refyne


We feel it is important to mention that Botox and dermal fillers will need to be scheduled accordingly if your beauty plan also includes any of the advanced treatments mentioned above. Our team eliminates the stress of planning your facial treatments with an easy conversation and in-depth treatment plans built to exceed expectations. Here’s what to expect when you trust Alazzo Med Spa with your facial contouring in Frederick:

Go All in With Alazzo!

When you’re ready to ditch the quick fixes and fads, Alazzo Med Spa is here to empower your beauty with clinically tested and trusted treatments. Before the first laser, needle, or nodule touches your face, we carefully plan the first steps of your journey to better beauty. Here’s how our specialists talk the talk:

The Talk

We’re glad you’re here, no matter what brings you into our office. On the day of your consultation, we’ll discuss everything from your lifestyle and budget to your deepest beauty concerns. As we get to know the real you, we’ll look over your medical history and carefully note any factors that may limit your treatment options.

To build your plan for facial contouring in Frederick, we’ll take a clinically close look at your overall facial health and schedule your first treatment. We’ll also share any precautions and ways to prepare for the best skin of your life.

The Treatments

Keep in mind that our beauty plans involve steps to progress, not one-and-done solutions. To promote your natural beauty and provide peace of mind for your pocketbook, our treatment plans are just as flexible as they are effective. Alazzo Med Spa focuses on minimally invasive, clinically proven treatments because your beauty is just as important as the other aspects of your life. We want you to enjoy your results without intense aftercare or planning, which is why the majority of our treatments take less than an hour and require minimal downtime.

The Results

Since everyone’s plan is unique, their results are too! We continue to exceed expectations for our patients because we take the time to set realistic, attainable goals throughout your treatment plan. After every treatment, we’ll share any precautions and an estimate as to when you can expect results.

As we introduce new treatments to your plan—or use multiple treatments in tandem—your results will compound as they surface. The most important part of every patients’ treatment plan is patience. By trusting our specialists and the process, you’re making a wise investment in your beauty that will pay dividends over time. 

Fredrick’s Facial Contouring Phenoms


For the best facial contouring in Frederick, trust Alazzo Med Spa’s phenomenal specialists. With the most advanced treatments and personalized plans, we’re excited to empower your natural beauty! Browse all of our options wherever you are with our virtual consultation tool. Or schedule your appointment to see the future for your face!