What is all this talk about eyelash extensions?

Eyelash Extensions in Maryland

What’s all this talk about semi-permanent individual lashes versus clusters of lashes or strip lashes? Single or individual lashes are applied one at a time directly on top of your natural lash by a professional lash extensionist. This allows for minimal weight on the natural lash, a more natural look and free movement of the lash. Minimal weight is important because too much can put pressure on the natural lash and cause it to shed prematurely. Individual lashes shed on their own either with your natural lash or as the adhesive starts to break down.

The better you take care of your eyelash extensions, the longer they will last. (Your lash extensionist will review the “do’s and don’ts” to maximize your wear.) These applications can last up to 6 weeks or longer before all of them have naturally shed. Fill-ins are typically needed every two to three weeks to replace those lashes that have fallen out or have shed with your natural lash.

Clusters of lashes, usually applied in sets of two to four, are much heavier on the lashes and don’t have nearly as much movement. This does not allow the lash to ‘breath’ or grow properly. This can also cause the eyelash to shed prematurely causing gaps in growth and appearance. Durability and wear depend on the weight and care. Strip lashes are meant for a one to two times use max for a special event or if you just want an extra flare for the day. These can be applied by you with a latex adhesive that is normally included in the pack with the lashes. They attach at the base of the lash where it meets the skin. They are easily peeled away from the skin after use.

Alazzo Med Spa recommends NOVA Lash individual eyelash extensions. Applied by an experienced professional you will achieve longer, fuller, more beautiful lashes instantly.

Kim Whitley
Certified Eyelash Extensionist