Don’t Let Your Skin Suffer from the Winter Air

Without a doubt, the winter is hard on our hands. We have soft and smooth hands in October and then by January, they’re red, dry and sometimes even cracked. The main culprit is a lack of moisture. During the winter, humidity is absent making the outside air dry and the inside air is even worse thanks to indoor heating. As if this isn’t enough, we’re constantly washing our hands to keep from getting colds and the flu which rids the natural oils in your skin. So, the million-dollar question is “How do you get rid of those dry hands?”

At Alazzo, we’re offering paraffin hand wax treatments, along with MicroResurfacing – another popular treatment of ours, to help you fight your winter-worn hands. Paraffin wax is an excellent and effective moisturizer as it forms a light waterproof coating over your skin to help retain the oils produced by your body. As a result, you are protected from external elements which allows your skin to repair itself. The wax is also a great way to make skin smoother. When you get a paraffin wax treatment, there will be a thick coating of wax applied to your hands. As the wax hardens, the paraffin’s natural emollient will soften your skin as the heat opens your pores. Once the wax is cooled, it will be pulled away from the skin, removing dead skin cells leaving your skin much smoother.

During your paraffin wax treatment, we won’t just be ridding the dead skin cells on your hands. We’ll be removing the dead skin cells on your hands and face, as well, with MicroResurfacing using the DermaSweep™. The DermaSweep™ treatments include a specifically formulated epi-infusion treatment that combine skin specific topical solutions and exfoliation. This helps treat uneven skin tone, early aging lines, hyperpigmentation, sun damage, scars and rough skin.

Be proactive instead of reactive! Don’t allow the skin on your hands or face to be victim to the winter air. Call us today at 301.810.5740 to schedule your appointment for MicroResurfacing and get a paraffin hand wax treatment too for a nominal cost.