Don’t Bring Your Wrinkles to the Holiday Party

‘Tis the season – for peppermint mochas, phone calls and visits from relatives you hardly ever see and the traditional holiday party. As your social calendar fills up and begins to look frenzied, be sure to take the time to prepare yourself. You want to show up to the holiday party with your best face forward, not your wrinkles. At Alazzo Med Spa, we have several treatments that can help rid your wrinkles just in time for those holiday gatherings.


Injectables will help you with fine lines and wrinkles, deep creases, smiles lines, frown lines and more. You will also get the instant gratification that you may be seeking. If you’re one to wait until the last minute for everything, a filler will be the best option for you. Fillers either stimulate your body to create its own natural collagen to rid your wrinkles or pull fluid from your body to fill fine lines and wrinkles. They also give immediate results so there is not much planning ahead since the time needed for desired results is minimal. If you decide to get Botox™, some planning will be involved as it takes two weeks to give you your desired results. Botox™ is an injectable that relaxes the muscles that cause lines to form.


If you’re a bit nervous about getting an injectable, micro-needling would be the best option for you. This treatment stimulates the production of collagen by creating small punctures in the skin which initiates the body’s response to regrow and repair the skin. This results in the improvement of fine lines and wrinkles as well as scars, stretch marks and pigmentation. If you plan on having micro-needling done, you should get the treatment 3-4 weeks prior to when you want to look your best.

The holidays will be here before you know it so don’t wait to schedule your appointment for any of these treatments. Call us at 301.810.5740 or click here to schedule yours today! If you wait too long, you just may have to take your wrinkles to the holiday party.