A Letter to Nurses

It’s National Nurses Day and it got me thinking about all that’s going on in the world of nursing today. I’d like to express the appreciation that my staff and I have for nurses given our current times through a letter that I wrote to nurses.

Before I do, I think I should provide a little background for those who don’t know. First, everyone who treats you at Alazzo is a nurse! Since there are many different levels of nursing: LPN, RN, and CRNP, to name only a few, and we each have our own specialization, each of us has had a different experience with our education and training. Generally speaking though:

LPNs (licensed practical nurses) perform tasks under an RN or doctor, such as monitoring vital signs, maintaining patient documentation, and providing patients with personal care. A practical nursing certificate must be obtained to work as an LPN.

RNs (registered nurses) can specialize in many different areas, as their job is related to patient care and case management. RNs have an associate or bachelor’s degree in nursing.

CRNPs (certified registered nurse practitioners) often work in private practices and can do a variety of tasks from ordering tests to prescribing medicine to performing specific procedures. They have to obtain a master’s degree in nursing as well as pass a national certification exam. In the state of Maryland nurse practitioners are autonomous, meaning that they no longer have to work under a doctor, they can work independently.

Brittney is an RN and has been with our Alazzo family since she was 18 years old,(that’s 13 years!) she is a licensed skin care specialist. Tara is also an RN and licensed skin care specialist that has extensive experience in corrective skin procedures. Becky is an RN with 8 years of experience as part of the Alazzo family.  Shannon is an RN specializing in personalized patient care. Laura is a board-certified Adult Nurse Practitioner who has been with the Alazzo family for 20 years and is certified and specializes in injectables.  My co-founder Kim has a bachelor’s degree in nursing, and I have a bachelor’s degree in nursing as well as a Masters in Science and an Adult Nurse Practitioner degree. I have owned and operated med spas since 2003. All of us at Alazzo are trained and certified in each of the specific treatment modalities that we perform. I am so proud of our amazing, talented team!

Now that you know a little more about our background, on to my letter…

Dear Nurses,

We remember the countless hours put into schoolwork, the sleepless nights, and the determination to succeed. We know the hard work you’ve put into your education and training! Despite all of what each of us has gone through to receive our titles, I can’t imagine what life as a nurse in a hospital is like today.

We know this job requires diligence, stamina, listening skills, and attention to detail. It is not an easy job, yet many of you are choosing to work on the front lines of the battle against COVID-19. We truly cannot thank you enough for your service!

We thank you for wearing masks and standing on your feet for hours on end. Being a nurse means having a patient-first attitude, and we’re grateful you’re continuing to serve others in a dangerous atmosphere.

We thank those of you who are quarantining away from family members to keep them safe. We imagine the difficulty and loneliness that comes with being apart from your loved ones. We empathize with the hard decisions you’ve had to make.

We thank those of you who do go home to family members but are too exhausted to make dinner, play with your kids, or engage in conversation with your spouse. You’ve felt tired from work before, but you’ve never had to work during a pandemic before. We hope you show yourself grace when your mental fatigue or emotional stress feels too much to bear.

You are our hometown heroes! From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you and commend you for your selfless service. We would like to express our gratitude by offering all hospital employees a special discount on Botox™. Simply complete this form and we’ll be in touch when we reopen and you can take advantage of getting Botox™ at $6 per unit (that’s 50% off!) We look forward to serving you and thanking you in person!

In gratitude,