5 Ways to Virtually Treat Your Mom For Mother’s Day

Unless your mother lives with you, you’re likely looking at celebrating Mother’s Day from a distance. It’s not easy being away from loved ones, especially on holidays! Thankfully, there are many ways you can show your mother love and gratitude from afar.

  1. Send her flowers

If there were ever a time to cheer someone up through flowers, it’s now! Some grocery stores are offering flower pick-up and delivery, but you can also look into florists or floral delivery companies. Bouq offers gorgeous floral arrangements as well as plants, or you can gift succulents from Lula’s Gardens! Go the extra mile with a gift package from UrbanStems — this floral delivery service allows you to add on extras such as chocolates, vases, and specialty gummy candies.

  1. Make her a playlist

Music is good for the soul! Curate a Mother’s Day playlist with your mom in mind. If she’s tech savvy, make a Spotify or YouTube playlist that she can enjoy from home. Or, go old-school and mail her a mixed “tape” (CD). Select songs you grew up listening to together, or choose songs you know she jammed to as a teenager. You can also search for songs from her favorite movies! 

  1. Treat her to a future spa service

Your mom might not be able to get skin treatments now, but Alazzo is offering XXX right now that you can buy now and use at a later date! Or, mail her a gift certificate and allow her to choose a treatment for herself. We look forward to serving your mom! 

  1. Have a virtual craft or game date

Whether your mom enjoys knitting, crocheting, crossword puzzle-ing, painting, or all of the above, she’d likely enjoy it even more if she could do it with you! Surprise her with a planned-out Zoom chat that involves a beloved hobby. Or, try your hand at a new hobby together! Mail her any supplies she might need and get ready to settle in for a sweet time of virtual connection. If you have kids, you could let them join in on the fun with grandma! Consider playing charades, pictionary, or kid-friendly trivia.

  1. Do a virtual tasting 

Would a typical Mother’s Day involve enjoying brunch or a glass of wine with your mom? You can still indulge in a mother-daughter chat over yummy food or drink by setting up a virtual tasting. All you need to do is decide what you’ll both be having and have the item delivered. The possibilities are endless, from wine and cheese to ice cream to a generous brunch spread

  1. Send her a card

While sending a card might sound like the easiest way to honor your mom, we think it’s a classic for a reason. Who doesn’t love to receive snail mail and know they are being thought of? Let your mom know all of the reasons why you’re missing her during this time apart. Maybe you can write about a time you remember feeling comforted by your mom, or reflect on lessons she has taught you that are coming in handy during this crisis. She is sure to treasure your words for years to come.

From the bottom of our hearts, we wish you a happy and safe Mother’s Day!