5 Tips for Avoiding Weight Gain During the Upcoming Holidays

Regardless if you have superhuman powers and have mastered willpower, we all struggle during the holidays. Staying on track is pretty much out of the window as we feel like diving head first into the sangria and eggnog. Despite the temptation, don’t let your sensible routine go into hibernation until the New Year. Instead, try these helpful tips for avoiding extra weight while still enjoying yourself.

  1. Start your day on the right foot

    According to a study published in the Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise Journal, when we exercise in the morning, we are more likely to make better choices throughout the day.

  1. Practice Self Control Everywhere

    No matter if you’re at the dinner table or sitting in rush hour, practicing self-control is important. When you can refrain from losing self-control like screaming at the driver in front of you, you tend to be more relaxed the rest of the day. Then you’re less likely to have the “My day has already been bad so why make better decisions now” attitude. Increased self-control will help you make better food decisions.

  1. Avoid Calorie Banking

    If you have an event to go to in the evening, don’t skimp on your meals all day just so you can have what you want that night. By the time you eat at the event, you’ll be starving and overindulge.

  1. Don’t multi-task

    When we’re eating, the worst thing we can do is multi-task. When we’re busy doing other things while eating we tend to eat much more than we’re aware of resulting in thousands more calories than we wanted.

  1. Eat your water

    Try to eat foods that are rich in water like lettuce so that you stay hydrated and keep everything moving through your system faster.

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