It’s 5 O’clock Somewhere

“It’s 5 o’clock somewhere!” We’ve all heard and have probably said it a few times ourselves. We say this to justify that we can enjoy an adult beverage despite the time of day. In fact, we may have found ourselves joyously singing the Alan Jackson and Jimmy Buffet song about it. When you’re telling yourself “it’s 5 o’clock somewhere”, it shouldn’t bring you down with thoughts about your 5 o’clock shadow! At Alazzo Med Spa, we help you get rid of your 5 o’clock shadow with laser hair removal. So when it is 5 o’clock somewhere, you can have a good time and not be self-conscious.



5 o’clock shadows appear from the dark stubble that is left under your skin after shaving. When you shave, you’re only removing the hair from the surface of your skin. The pigment of the hair tends to show through even though it’s underneath. While these dark areas are mostly problematic for women with facial hair, they can be problematic for men as well. Many men shape-up their beard and are left with the shadow-like look where they shaved which can be frustrating because it can have a “scruffy” appearance. Regardless whether you are a man who women who wants to get rid of your 5 o’clock shadow, we can help with laser hair removal!



This is one of the most popular services that women take advantage of and the post popular services for men. Women shave so often, it reduces the time it takes to rid unwanted hair. Laser hair removal for men is so popular because of razor burn, ingrown hairs and the hairline that grows faster than the haircut! Plus, it’s a huge time saver for men who shave their back or chest.

Outside of the convenience factor, laser hair removal is a great option for different skin tones and hair types. At Alazzo Med Spa, we use two different lasers and three different wavelengths so we can adapt to you and your specific hair texture as well as your specific skin tone. During your free consultation an expert consultant will discuss your options and recommend a laser that is right for you.


Yes, laser hair removal drastically reduces hair growth, to the point where shaving is no longer necessary in most cases. Aside from using it to rid your 5 o’clock shadow, you can get it done anywhere on the body. It can also cover large areas like the legs and back.


Laser hair removal is ideal for shaping facial hair? Since it’s so effective on thinning our hair, it can be perfect for those spots in constant need of trimming. It’s possible to clean up the neck, another common site for ingrown hairs, those pesky hairs around the beard and mustache and even the tops of the cheeks.

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