5 CoolSculpting Treatment Tips

So many people have chosen CoolSculpting as a non-invasive way to improve their body image and confidence. We have treated countless men and women who have been empowered by getting CoolSculpting and since you’re reading this article, you’re probably on the verge of becoming empowered yourself. If you’re still on the fence, be sure to check out our recent blog, Fear No Mirror. CoolSculpting is Here. This article will give you a more in-depth understanding of exactly how CoolSculpting works. Already know all about CoolSculpting? Perfect, before making your mind up, be sure to do these things…


  1. Look at your why – Why are you getting CoolSculpting? If it’s to lose 10 pounds, CoolSculpting alone is not for you! However, it’s a really good tool to use for a jumpstart! If you’ve been working really hard to lose those 10 pounds and you need a jump start or some finishing touches to help tighten up those areas that diet and exercise didn’t quite get, go for it! Shape Magazine also has some great weight loss motivation tips for you!
  2. Set realistic goals – If you have an area that you can pinch the fat and your goal is to get rid of that, then make CoolSculpting a part of that goal. If you have rolls of fat that you want to get rid of, be realistic with yourself and know that you still have to lose some weight so diet and exercise should be part of reaching your goal. This does not mean that CoolSculpting can’t still be a part of that goal, you just need to take some other steps prior to getting it. Additionally, if you have that bulge in your inner thigh and want to reduce it by 50% as opposed to 80%, make sure you communicate that. This will help determine the number of treatments you need.


  1. Document your experience – Taking pictures during the contemplation stage is a very good thing to do! It helps you take a good look in the mirror so to speak and get a good understanding of why you’re seeking a fat reduction treatment. It also helps you set realistic goals. It’s good to take a lot of pictures of yourself during the whole process. Results can take some time so if you take pictures at every angle, with and without clothes, comparing the pictures can really help you identify where you’re making progress.


  1. Be patient – With CoolSculpting, you’ll have gradual fat reduction, so the treated area won’t disappear overnight. Initially, you may have some swelling in the treatment area which can make it seem like you aren’t losing any inches. Be patient and allow your body to excrete the frozen fat cells and reduce the swelling. You’ll see results before you know it!
  2. Remember that your behavior shapes your results – How long your results last will depend on your behavior. If you continue to exercise and eat healthy, the fat cells that you have in the same areas that you had treated will not swell. Remember that CoolSculpting freezes 20-25% of fat that is there, so there is still 75-80% of cells that can swell. Therefore, your behavior is very important!

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