3 Tips to Prevent a Sun Damaged Turkey Neck

Have you ever noticed beautiful, radiant skin on a face only to look down and see a sun damaged neck? People always seem to forget about taking care of their neck and unfortunately the neck shows signs of aging much sooner due to thinner skin on it. To avoid looking like you have a sun damaged turkey neck, you may want to do these three things.

  1. Apply facial cleansers to your neck

When we clean our faces, it’s so easy to forget about our neck. We recommend two things; one, put a reminder up for yourself on your mirror and two, use anti-aging products such as Image Skincare’s Ageless line.

  1. Apply SPF

We all know how important it is to protect our skin from harmful sun rays. Most of us make sure we put SPF on our faces when we know we’re going to be in the sun. However, we tend to forget our necks which is a sure way to get a sun damaged turkey neck. If you’re unsure about what SPF to use, read a recent article, Choosing the Right SPF Sunscreen – Is More Really Better?.

  1. Get services that help regenerate cells

If you forget to take tip 1 or tip 2, we have good news for you. We offer several services at Alazzo Med Spa that help regenerate your skin cells to treat sun damaged skin and get rid of that turkey neck. One treatment is Intense Pulse Light (IPL) Therapy which is offered as a series of treatments. IPL Therapy uses a broad spectrum of light to target broken blood vessels. Damaged blood vessels are absorbed by your body and your hyperpigmented skin flakes off during the exfoliation process. We also offer MicroResurfacing and Chemical Peels to treat sun damaged skin. To read more about our services, visit our website at www.alazzospa.com.

If you’re unsure what can help treat your sun damaged skin or early signs of aging, such as fine lines and wrinkles or hyperpigmentation, it’s time to come by for a quick and free consultation. During your consultation, we’ll assess your skin and discuss your desired results to determine which treatments and products are best for you. Don’t wait, call 301.810.5740!