Meet the Alazzo Med Spa Staff

Melissa Bolden, CRNP

Co-founder of Alazzo Med Spa

In 1994, Melissa obtained her bachelor in nursing from Columbia Union College and dedicated 8 years to Emergency Medicine at Shady Grove Hospital and Frederick Memorial Hospital. After graduating from University of Maryland in 2002 with a Masters in Science and an Adult Nurse Practitioner degree, Melissa’s brother Brian called upon her to open their first med spa in 2003, offering laser hair removal, IPL (intense pulse light) therapy, and skin rejuvenation. Through perseverance, Melissa worked with the Maryland State Board to change practice guidelines allowing nurse practitioners to work in a med spa independently and to oversee procedures performed by nurses. With over 20 years of experience in the industry her understanding of how Laser Hair Removal works has inspired her to carry multiple lasers enhancing the ability to treat all skin types because not all people are alike. With a passion for promoting individual self-worth, Melissa has made it her mission to keep up with changing technology, offering the most advanced services and listening to her clients on how to improve their sense of overall well-being. Melissa is proud of her team at Alazzo Med Spa and confident in their superior ability to provide unparalleled excellence.

Kim Horman

Co-founder of Alazzo Med Spa

Kim Horman graduated from Union College in Lincoln, Nebraska with a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing. Upon graduating, Kim spent several years working predominantly as a cardiac nurse in a hospital setting. In 1993, Kim started a new career in marketing and sales with her husband, Brian. After spending ten years traveling around the nation training other marketing and sales professionals, they decided to join forces with Brian’s sister, Melissa. In 2003, they opened their first med spa. From its inception, Kim has been the driving force for Alazzo’s sales and marketing efforts. Kim believes that forming lasting relationships with clients allows Alazzo to serve their needs best and give the outstanding client service the spa is known for. Kim is also active with the community and other local businesses, to maintain the positive and prevailing brand of Alazzo Med Spa. Kim is Alazzo’s party planner extraordinaire. She works hard to ensure that events are well planned and that excellent instructors are in attendance to provide the best education about services offered, like CoolSculpting. Kim wholeheartedly believes in empowering others to feel great about themselves and her benevolence always shows.

Taylor Wiles

Patient Care Coordinator

This is Taylor Wiles, a licensed cosmetologist who graduated from The Temple – a Paul Mitchell Partner School in 2013. She started working at Ulta following graduation where she became an Arch Expert for Benefit Cosmetics. As our Patient Care Coordinator, she enjoys working with our patient’s and building personal relationships with them. This position allows her to combine her love for customer service, aesthetics, and administrative duties, all while helping our patients feel and look their best.

Becky Cole

Registered Nurse

Becky Cole, a Registered Nurse, graduated from Frederick Community College in 2011. She immediately began working in medical aesthetics at that time and discovered her passion for helping her clients achieve beautiful, healthy skin all while gaining self-confidence. Her addition to our office brings her skills and expertise in non-surgical cosmetic treatments. She has extensive experience and advanced training in state of the art lasers and non-surgical cosmetic procedures such as intense pulse light therapy, laser hair removal, micro-resurfacing, chemical peels, micro-needling, body contouring, laser therapy for spider veins, and so much more! Becky delivers beautiful and natural results while individually designing treatment programs that give her clients optimal results! She loves every aspect of her career and believes working at Alazzo Med Spa has helped her to continue to nurture her passion.

Tara Elton

Registered Nurse

Tara Elton is a Registered Nurse and Skin Care Specialist.  She joins our team with a bachelor’s in science from McDaniel College.  Tara continued her level of education into the field of medicine to purse a bachelor’s in Nursing at The University of Maryland School of Nursing.  After gaining her degrees, she practiced in the field of nursing for a few years.  Tara then followed her passion for skin and aesthetics and joined Allergan then SkinMedica as the Regional Sales Trainer.  She became trained in skincare and product utilization as well as gained a certification in the application of peels.  She later became certified in microneedling and became the eastern regional sales trainer for Collagen Pin and Induction Therapies.  She trained physicians and practices how to perform, implement and care for patients undergoing microneedling and combination therapies.  Prior to joining Alazzo MedSpa she practiced as a Cosmetic Registered Nurse at The Dermatology Center and Rockledge Medspa in Bethesda Maryland.  She performed cosmetic procedures and consulted patients on procedures and aftercare.  Her role also included performing nursing duties during Moh’s Surgery and other Dermatological Surgeries.   Tara has found her happy place at Alazzo Medspa, a place where she can work with autonomy, be close to home and practice what she loves! 

Shannon Butts

Registered Nurse

Shannon Butts, a registered nurse, graduated from Frederick Community College in 1993. Shannon has worked in a variety of nursing settings ranging from primary care to cardiovascular to surgical post-op to home health. She has found another true passion for nursing in aesthetics. She is trained in all aspects of aesthetics offered here at Alazzo. Shannon loves coming into work daily knowing she is making a difference in the confidence of our patients. She is known for her genuine kindness and respect and helps achieve aesthetic goals for our patients.

Soraya Namazi

Registered Nurse

Soraya Namazi, a Registered Nurse, graduated from University of Maryland with her Master’s in Nursing, Clinical Nurse Leader degree. Immediately after gaining her nursing license, she enrolled in a Nurse Practitioner program at Chamberlain University with the expected graduation date of Fall 2022. She fell in love with the world of aesthetics and loves being able to combine her medical knowledge with her artistic hand to make people look and feel their best!

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