Registered Nurse & Skin Specialist

Tara Elton

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Personal Biography

Tara joins our team with a bachelor’s in science from McDaniel College. Tara continued her level of education into the field of medicine to pursue a bachelor’s in Nursing at The University of Maryland School of Nursing. Tara followed her passion for skin and aesthetics and joined Allergan then SkinMedica as the Regional Sales Trainer. She became trained in skincare and product utilization as well as gained a certification in the application of peels. She later became certified in microneedling and became the eastern regional sales trainer for Collagen Pin and Induction Therapies. She trained physicians and practices how to perform, implement and care for patients undergoing microneedling and combination therapies. Prior to joining Alazzo MedSpa she practiced as a Cosmetic Registered Nurse at The Dermatology Center and Rockledge Medspa in Bethesda Maryland. She performed cosmetic procedures and consulted patients on procedures and aftercare. Tara has found her happy place at Alazzo Medspa, a place where she can work with autonomy, be close to home and practice what she loves!