Co-Founder of Alazzo Med Spa

Kim Horman

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Personal Biography

Kim graduated from Union College in Lincoln, Nebraska with a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing. Upon graduating, Kim spent several years working predominantly as a cardiac nurse in a hospital setting. In 1993, Kim started a new career in marketing and sales with her husband, Brian. After spending ten years traveling around the nation training other marketing and sales professionals, they decided to join forces with Brian’s sister, Melissa. In 2003, they opened their first med spa. From its inception. Kim believes that forming lasting relationships with clients allows Alazzo to serve their needs best and give the outstanding client service the spa is known for. Kim is also active with the community and other local businesses, to maintain the positive and prevailing brand of Alazzo Med Spa.  Kim wholeheartedly believes in empowering others to feel great about themselves and her benevolence always shows