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Double Marquee

Double marquee with intro content.


  • Marquee cards are split evenly between to autoscrolling marquees.
  • Max number of cards in marques is 16 total
  • Will default to single marquee if only 4 cards are added
  • Option to choose between manually inputing content in marque cards or selection Services
    • ALL service fields are entered on the sidebar of the service post
  • If back ground is set to white the bottom section will be soot and vice versa
Label Name Type Notes
Main Heading double_marquee_main_heading group Group with heading type selector and text field
Intro Content double_marquee_intro_content wysiwyg
Card Type double_marquee_card_type button_group Determines if cards are manually added or pulled from service posts
Manual Cards double_marquee_cards repeater Background image, Icon, Link fields
Service Cards double_marquee_service_cards relationship Choose service posts to be pulled in. Background image and icon are set in the service post sidebar
Background Color double_marquee_background_color button_group Option to choose white or soot background. Value is tailwind equivalent