Botox and Dysport FAQs

Content Accordion

An accordion of items that can be entered manually. There is a hidden field for "Show" that will allow you to use the "ll_faq" CPT if needed. To show this field, remove the class "hidden" from the field.

  • Option to add FAQ microdata(aka FAQ Schema) to help with SEO: VERY IMPORTANT If you are going to have the same FAQ questions on multiple pages, only select to add microdata on the main page it should be on. Adding duplicate FAQs to microdata on multiple pages will result in web crawlers thinking we're spamming the search results.
Label Name Type Notes
Intro content_accordion_intro wysiwyg
Add Microdata content_accordion_add_microdata true_false Option to add micro data if using component for FAQ
Items content_accordion_items repeater Title and content fields
Background Color content_accordion_background_color button_group Option to choose white or soot background. Value is tailwind equivalent