How do I get rid of those fine lines and wrinkles without using Botox? Alazzo Med Spa is always searching for new and innovative ways to get our clients outstanding results and ageless skin. We are excited to offer micro-needling in Maryland, for your skincare needs. Micro-needling is a revolutionary device that aims to tighten, lift and rejuvenate skin. We know you like options so Alazzo Med Spa carries both a 12 needle tip and a 36 needle tip, giving you enhanced results in a shorter time frame!

At Alazzo Med Spa, we also offer Micro-Needling with (P.R.R) Protein Rich Retinol. P.R.R stands for protein rich retinol which is an all trans retinol and amino acids. All trans retinol is the purest type of retinol you can use and penetrates deeper than tretinoin. There is a 4% & 8% available and strength will be determined by your skincare specialist. MicroNeedling with P.R.R is like a blast of Collagen for the skin!

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Micro-needling offers unparalleled collagen induction by harnessing the body’s innate ability to re-grow and repair the skin as a response to micro-damage. This small, hand-held device delivers up to 1,300 micro punctures per second into the skin, thus stimulating the production of collagen and elastin and normalizing various skin functions.

A: Micro-needling vs. Fractional Lasers
Micro-needling treatments are one example of what is known as “fractional rejuvenation”, a term that gets its name from fractional lasers, the technology closest to micro-needling in theory and results. Fractional lasers use heat to systematically ablate “fractions” of the skin’s surface, while leaving surrounding areas in tact, essentially “drilling holes” in the skin to produce a wound healing response. The unaffected tissue around the holes acts as a reservoir for fibroblasts and stem cells needed for regeneration of affected segments. Fractional radio frequency devices work on a similar principle and have many of the same side effects as fractional lasers.
Micro-needling mode of action limits the occurrence of side effects specific to fractional lasers, such as:
. Pain; higher in dark skinned patients
. Persistent erythema
. Infections (viral and bacterial)
. Post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation and hypo-pigmentation

Micro-needling can be used on all skin types. Light based therapy needs to take the clients skin type into consideration. Therefore, the micro-needling can be used on everyone!

The Micro-needling vs. Dermal Rollers
A dermal roller consists of a rolling pin covered with tiny needles. During a derma roller treatment, the roller is rolled across the skin, leaving behind a trail of microscopic punctures. While the needle roller is effective, the rolling action of the device pushes the skin into mounds, and causes the needles to enter AND exit the skin at an angle, creating lateral epidermal tears. The tearing is NOT due to the needles not being “properly anchored” in the skin, but the simple mechanics of angular needle entry. While not detrimental to the results, this makes the treatment much more painful, and often causes a longer downtime for the patient. You also cannot perform as many micro-punctures per second as you can with micro-needling making, micro-needling more effective.

A: Almost anywhere! Typically used on the face to improve skin tone and overall appearance, it can also be performed on scars and stretch marks wherever they may be. You can even treat under and over the eyes to improve texture, tone and coloration.

A: At Alazzo Med Spa our nurses have a background of aesthetics as well as nursing. You are in very good hands, as a licensed professional registered nurse will perform your treatment.

A:It is recommended to wait at least 7 days after filler injections, so that any post treatment bruising from the fillers can settle. It is also possible to have your Micro-needling treatment several days before having fillers injected. Alazzo Med Spa also recommends waiting a week between micro-needling and laser hair removal, IPL or micro-resurfacing. Consult with your practitioner prior to determine exactly how long a wait is best in each particular case.

A: The length of time to perform micro-needling depends on the area to be treated. We allot an hour to an hour and a half to complete a facial treatment. At Alazzo, we give all of our patients the individual time they need to complete each and every treatment.

A: Generally no, but you may experience facial redness for 12-48 hours after the treatment. Most people are able to return to normal daily activities immediately after the treatment. However we do recommend that you do not apply anything to the area for 12 hours. Use of the 36 needle tip may have a prolonged facial redness. Talk to your provider about recovery period. We are confident that the recovery time is well worth it!

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