Do You Suffer from Excessive Sweating? Botox Injections Can Help!

Imagine this scenario: It’s the middle of a workday and you’re in a conference room full of people. It’s a comfortable temperature and you’re sitting calmly, pen in hand, taking notes. Suddenly your palms become damp and clammy and sweat starts pouring down your face. Perspiration is pooling in your

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low sex drive

How Do I Help My Low Sex Drive Long-term?

You get to choose an intimate night with one of the following: Chris Hemsworth, Michael B. Jordan, Emilia Clarke, Dua Lipa, or a pepperoni pizza. If you picked the pizza, you may be experiencing a low sex drive (or you may just be hungry, but stay with me on this).

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treatments for acne

What Are the Best Treatments for Acne?

Persistent acne can really kill one’s confidence. It’s something nobody wants, but that most people will deal with at some point. You may have assumed that when you hit your twenties or even thirties, your acne would magically disappear, but nope– it’s still there, staring back at you in the

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