MYTH: Bio-Identical Hormones and Non-Bio Hormones are the same.

FACT: Bio- Identical means that the hormone is the exact chemical structure as those made by the human body. So they bind well to our receptor sites. Non-Bio Hormones are either recognized by the body as foreign and eliminated or not bound to receptors and cause an imbalance in hormones resulting in adverse effects.


MYTH: Testosterone is just for guys.

FACT: Nothing could be further from the truth. Testosterone (T) is a very important and active hormone in both men and women. It is what keeps us balanced. T is needed to move Estrogen into the cells. It also opposes Estrogen, keeping Estrogen balanced and in check. T is the most abundant biologically active hormone in the female body. It is essential for the physical, mental and emotional health in men and women.

MYTH: Only women in pre or post menopause need HRT.

FACT: Not true, both men and women of all ages can benefit from T replacement. Over the past 40 years there has been a decline in T in both men and women from environmental exposures. Low T can increase your risk of heart disease and diabetes as well as prostate and breast cancers.


MYTH: Symptoms of menopause need to be treated with Estrogen.

FACT: Wrong, this may be a hard one to wrap your head around because it goes against everything we have ever been told. T is needed to move Estrogen into the cells. Therefore T allows the body to use its own Estrogen more effectively. If your body is no longer producing Estrogen then T can also be converted into Estrogen by the body. Replacing T allows the body to use Estrogen, reducing signs and symptoms of low Estrogen (night sweats, hot flashes, etc.) We can also block the conversion of T to Estrogen if necessary. Everyone is different, that is why we will do a detailed assessment of your signs and symptoms and treat you accordingly.


MYTH: They just started doing this, I don’t want to be the first.

FACT: BIHRT with pellet therapy has been used since 1938. Other countries such as England and Australia have been using BIHRT to treat women for the past 60 years. Long term studies have also been done on its safety, efficacy and tolerability for up to 40 years of therapy. Trust me you won’t be the first, lots of men and women are already experiencing the positive effects of Testosterone Therapy.


MYTH: I have a history of breast cancer, I can’t have BIHRT

FACT: Testosterone is a proven breast protective hormone. It is true that you do not want estrogen therapy and testosterone can convert over to estrogen by an enzyme called amortase. A blocker called anastrazole can be given in the pellets to prevent the conversion of T over to E. Therefore you can receive the benefits that testosterone has to offer without the worry of extra estrogen.


MYTH: I am too old or too young to receive BIHRT.

FACT: You are never to too old or too young to benefit from BIHRT. Everyone is created differently. One lab level is not sufficient for everyone. Blood levels are a baseline, but they don’t tell the whole story. Serum levels don’t mean that Testosterone is getting in the cells effectively. That is why we treat the symptoms, not the labs. Low T is affecting everyone. If you are experiencing some of the signs and symptoms come into Alazzo and let us do a detailed assessment on you to determine if you are a good candidate for BIHRT.



MYTH: If I do BIHRT my body will not make its own hormones.

FACT: While doing BIHRT the body is given the hormones that it needs to function properly. Men may experience a drop in their own body production of Testosterone resulting in a shrinking of the testicles. If BIHRT is stopped, their body will resume production of their own Testosterone as they did prior to therapy. There is no damage done to the hormone producing process. Use of synthetic steroid or anabolic steroid may cause a drop in testosterone and permanent damage as a result of chronic use. BIHRT is FDA approved in men. No permanent side affects are associated with its use.


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